Mel Gibson Tapes Removed as Evidence ... By Oksana Grigorieva!

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The infamous Mel Gibson tapes are about to become irrelevant.

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    I hope the dirt on Oksana comes out after this is all over. She is no angel, and everyone is starting to realise it, thank God.


    Oksana got what she wanted. She landed a big fish, got herself pregnant so she could secure her "retirement plan", will never have to work a day in her life....Mel Mel Mel !!!! How the hell did this bloated Russian snag you? Lots of other decent, attractive women in America would have made you happy!!


    It becomes more and more obvious that this woman is a devious lunatic. Mel is no angel, but she could drive a saint crazy. My opion is that she knows that nobody is buying into her lies, and her credibility, even with these edited tapes, is shot. She definately is trying to cut her loses and get back with Mel, regardless of what she tells the media. She has lost, Mel is the clear winner, and she and her weasel lawyer have no choice but to back down.


    Boy, she yelled from the rooftops how abused she was, wanted nothing to do with him or let him around the baby, and now suddenly everything is hunky-dory.

    Yep, beotch is crazy... Total set-up from the get go and now that her plan has given up the ghost, she's trying to weasel back into his good graces.


    Too little too late. I mean what is this woman doing. If it was as bad as she claims that the whole world just HAD to hear what she called "her side of the story" and the tapes only for her to now decide they aren't important, well must say something, right? This woman is crazy and Mel please don't ever deal with this psycho again not even regarding your daughter! Use a third party. Crazy bitch.

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