May 21 Comes, Goes; World Still Here

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Phew. Nice.

Despite widespread panic (or at least curiosity) at the notion of the world ending May 21, it looks like we're still here. This can only be described as a good thing, though apparently, 7.5 percent of THG readers are pretty surprised right now.


I'm still surprised that this nonsense even broke the news barrier to start with. But freespirit114 is right, it's good to reflect on your life at some point & realise most of the time you're sweating really, really small stuff. If this served as a wake up call for someone then maybe it was a good thing.


When the world ends it will end. Oh well, none of us will know it anyway, we will be gone. Perhaps we should all live our lives to the fullest and consider the fact that most of what we complain and bitch about is not all that important in the greater scheme of things. Although I don't believe these doomsayers I do believe we all should live our lives happily and well without harming others. Enjoy your life, after all, you only get one shot at it. Just don't harm anyone else in the process No one knows when the end will come. These people who think they do and make others believe it are awaful. Their motive is fame and/or money. They don't give a damn about others.


HAHA!!! awesome!! seriously who were one of the 7.5 people who voted yes?? i bet he created many accounts to vote XP


Haha im alive! Mwah hah ha!


I mean, this is just a little lesson to not believe every single thing you hear.
Of course, how much you bet 100% of that 7.5% won't take that to heart?


YEAH! a man sold his wealth, ate and enjoyed wth hs family & friends.he has comited suicide aftr he woke up aliv n poor