Mark Kerrigan, Brother of Nancy, Acquitted of Manslaughter in Father's Death

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A jury acquitted Nancy Kerrigan’s brother, Mark Kerrigan, of manslaughter in the death of their father, according to news reports Wednesday.

While Mark was acquitted of manslaughter, he was convicted of a second charge of assault and battery related to the January 2010 incident.

The death of his 70-year-old father, Daniel, took place in the family's home in Stoneham, Mass., and Mark was charged shortly afterward.

Olympian Nancy Kerrigan and her mother Brenda have been in the court each day and have supported Mark Kerrigan throughout the trial.

Brenda testified that the fight between Mark and Daniel lasted only a few seconds and that she saw them in a "bear hug", nothing more.

She never saw Mark put his hands around his father's neck, she said, making it unlikely he directly caused his father's fatal heart attack.

The prosecutor countered to jurors that Mark Kerrigan, was an "angry, mean, nasty, drunk son" who killed his father in the fight.


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