Mariah Carey Baby Names: Moroccan and Monroe Cannon!

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon welcomed twins Saturday, April 30, their third wedding anniversary. Now they have revealed their newborns' names:

Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon!

Certainly different, but here's the meaning of each:

As reported on Carey's official blog, their son's name is Moroccan Scott Cannon. Scott is Nick's middle name and his grandmother's maiden name.

Couple on Carpet

And as for the unusual first name? The top tier of Carey's NYC apartment is called the Moroccan Room, because of its Moroccan-inspired decor.

It's also where Cannon proposed to her in 2008.

The couple's daughter's name is Monroe Cannon.

The baby girl was named after Marilyn Monroe, an inspiration to Carey, and has no middle name because Mariah doesn't have one either.

Interesting all around. Congratulations again to the family!


Very Funny...
Of all names, y those things??? Gross!


I named both my children in a way that had meaning to both my husband and myself. But we gave the kids names that are actually names. I don't get why some celebs feel the need to to name their kids such strange things. It may be cute now, while the kids are babies, but someday they will go to school. And perhaps someday these kids will go on to law school, medical school or another profession that is quite serious. And even though it may be unfair, their names may play a part in how serious they are taken. I am all for being creative in naming kids, as long as the name you give them will not cause them to be made fun of (because it's not really a name) or cause them to have to work harder to prove themselves. Studies show that your name does in fact matter. However unfair that is.


The least Mimi could have done was disown her rapist--the kids could have gone up for adoption, which they would have deserved. But no, she had to keep them herself! That was one of the worst things she could ever done. They're just more evidence that WILL incriminate AND implicate her rapist (he is not, I say again, NOT her husband--the two are not married, have never been, and will never be able to marry under any laws) in his crimes.


LMAO at Roc and Roe. That cracked me up. Anyways, the names are awful. Monroe is a boys name and a bad one at that. Moroccan? Really? Are these names the best they could come up with? I really feel sorry for the boy...he will get beat up regularly...thanks mom and dad.


wow nice names for da babies and want to see da babies


wat a horrible names wat we tey tinking how do u give a child tat name


Sorry, I don't really like either. Moroccan sounds weird because it IS an adjective, and what is it with people's obsession with Marilyn Monroe?!
Having said that, congrats to them, I'm sure they beautiful babies.


what horrible names! They should have just named the kids Roc & Roe instead, its way better.


Nick and Mariah, Congratulations! This is quite a special time for both of you...All of you! Take lots of pictures and sleep when the babies sleep...Lol. Love their names too! God Bless!


poor kids

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