Maria Shriver Leaked Arnold Schwarzenegger Affair, Love Child Details, Report Says

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It was Maria Shriver's camp who first leaked the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger's affair and child with Mildred Patricia Baena, according to new reports.

Maria's own people did so because she was so angry at Arnold when she found out about his out-of-wedlock child, she wanted to expose him herself.

When Maria found out that Arnold fathered Mildred Patty Baena's son, she was "hysterical" and even wanted to hold a press conference regarding it.

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Shriver's friends talked her off a ledge and a plan was hatched to leak the details to the L.A. Times and TMZ, who blew the lid off the story last week.

Maria found out about the baby in late April or very early May. The boy is now a teenager. Mildred Baena worked for the family for around 20 years.

Reports say Maria was miserable in her marriage and wanted out for a long time before separating from Arnold, her husband of 25 years, this spring.

Maria told friends for nearly two years she wanted a divorce but never pulled the trigger. But now, understandably, she is ready to end the marriage.

This clears up one of the enduring mysteries about the sordid scandal - whether the Times found out from Maria or vice versa. Looks like the former.

What's still unclear is how Shriver found out about it. One report says she had been suspicious for some time, then finally asked and Baena confessed.

As for Arnold, our sources say he's upset Maria was talking to her friends about the scandal and are well aware the story leaked through her camp.

Arnold and Maria's children are rallying around her in the wake of the scandal, which has undoubtedly shaken up their family beyond belief.



Good point, Maria is a Kennedy. So what's OK for Uncle Jack and Uncle Teddy... and who knows, maybe even Uncle Bobby and Daddy... is NOT OK for hubby? It happened a long time ago. By spilling the beans she's making herself look like a fool, not to mention vindictive beyotch and if that's what she is, then no wonder he looked elsewhere, eh? Men who are in happy marriages do not stray. Just sayin'.


just beware of this lady no couples should hire her marraige breaker just like hers and maria


I am totally with Arnold on this - it's not his fault that he's still a dude and a tremendous chick magnet at 60, I hope he keeps it going for as long as he lives. Trying to make it with younger women is a biological imperative - and they can always say no if they don't like it, I'm sure Arnie hasn't raped anyone.


I find it so amazing that even after arnold affairs and the child out of wedlock that the news media decided not to even make this news worthy. instead you have to find off sites like this one to even find the lastest on this story. but believe me when tiger was in the news every single site, newspaper, radio was all over that story for months it stayed in the news. but since arnold is white he is shown favortism. the news media is prejudice when it reports stories on members of the white race.


that is so humiliating for maria and children wonder i had bad vibes from that guy and as for her she's a mojo what can we expect need every cent they can get from this idiots they make a good couple and deserve each other .GOD BLESS MARIA AND CHILDREN


I was going to defend him a bit. A lot of men out there suffer from wives who refuse to fufill their marital responsibilites in bed. Namel being frigid. But considering his sons were born 5 days apart, there is little excuses. It still makes me wonder what Maria was doing or not doing to keep Arnold from going astray. Maybe it was a part time marriage for her. She never took his name. Also I see almost 100 percent of the sympathy going to the traditional Scharznegger children. Its the Baena boy who will never feel whole. He will never get the respect the other 4 do. My prayers go out to him.


More than 98%of women in the shoes of mildred would have acted like her. A house maid at 37 confronted by the governor.If she had said no, he would have persisted and if she had told Maria about it, Maria would have punished her husband by sending her away and may be stay friendly with her for a couple of months or recommended her to another family where she may not be comfortable. For not losing her stable and convinient job she gave in. She had more to gain than to lose by rejecting him.
But she should have left as soon as she realized she was pregnant for him. Still staying there was a very big risk for her. Maria could have taken any step say by instinct if discovered the love affair without the knowledge of Mildred. Jealousy has no boundaries.


We used to call certain acts SIN. It seems to be a human ailment that ALL have experienced and many still commit to one degree or another.
Some mens/womens sin go before them and others trail behind! This act is just an off-shut of what Hollywood pedals to the public every day and probably all that have commented here are likely avid watchers of the Media's trash.
Yes, Arny's mind "might" be a little more polluted than those who have made their bitter comments about a soul who has fallen far from the grace of God. This sin, though grievious, can find redemption, even as yours and mine.
You bitter women: were you a fan of Arney's or some other hunk you may have fantasized over?
Sins of the heart are easier to conceal than those that leak out into the open as his did. I would that this human ailment of fleshly lust was past its zenith and all eniquity were vanished and we all were wearing white robes undefiled of sins bobdage!
Until then my best wishes to all.


wow, hateful Much? Whoever called that boy a bastard, you are an idiot! Nothing is his fault. No child deserves to be called a name. he was probably an unplanned baby, who his mother has always loved. do't be so mean.


There are millions of Arnolds in America as well as the other parts of the world, but women are in state of denial. The man that does not cheat is the man who doesn't have an opportunity. Women be smart and take them for whatever you can before you find out what Maria has found.

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