Lindsay Lohan to Star in "Lindsay Lohan" Short Film

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Lindsay Lohan may be under house arrest for the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean her film career (term used very loosely) is entirely on hold.

She's starring in a short film fittingly titled ... Lindsay Lohan!

The 90-second flick involved her flaunting her bikini body and doing some uber sexy frolicking in the water. Obviously. What else does she really do?

Curvy LiLo

Looking smoking hot while soaking wet, the film shows off gorgeous curves, and there may be a mermaid's tail in one of the scenes. Standard.

Artist Richard Phillips recently shot the film in Malibu, Ca., and said: “Lindsay just has an incredible emotional and physical presence on screen."

Of Lohan, Phillips also notes that she "holds an existential vulnerability, harnessing the power of the transcendental the moment in transition."

LOL. Whatever man. Call a train wreck whatever you want, it's still a train wreck. Should be a good film if it's anything like the pic above, though.

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THE WENCH IS GETTING SOME SERIOUS PHATTTT! that persona; trainer needs to smack her into shape!


Can't wait to see it. I heard she's calling it "Intervention, The Movie."


U luk beautiful mss.


i want to see her boobs again:-D


lolz saint, hey first 3 comment people, have you been living under a rock? the girls been to rehab like 3 times??? and there no way in hell shes a positive role model, thats just silly.


"Lindsay Lohan is a saint"? You must have a loose definition of 'saint'.


OMG what is going on with those first three comments!!?? Is that her PR's getting there money's worth? Please!!
She wants to have a short movie about herself?? Yea short movie for sure! Will it be like party, drunking fights, DUI's, arrests, court drama and repeat. That's about it!! Don't need to waste my time and money to know that happened.


LOL. Whatever man. Call a train wreck whatever you want, it's still a train wreck. BEST LINE EVER!!!!


Lindsey Lohan is a gorgeous person and even though she has made some mistakes......I look up to her as a 13 year old......I am proud of her for the movie and she should go beyond that and do a real long actual movie. She has starred in so many Disney Channel movies that rock......the catch: Lindsay's in it as the star role


She's talented, gorgeous and will outlive the haters by a long, long margin. The courts are like a cat that's caught a moth -- they're going to play with it for a long time. Eventually she will be out of their clutches. Go rent "A Prairie Home Companion" from Netflix and enjoy Ms. Lohan's show-stealing performance. A MAJOR STAR.


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