Lindsay Lohan: I'm Clean ... For Life!

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No booze, no drugs, no shoplifting, no court dates. Never, ever again.

That's what Lindsay Lohan claims is her plan for life, telling friends she's not just serious about cleaning up her act short-term, but for good. No exceptions.

Please, try to stifle your laughter at least a little bit ...

Cold Out Here

Sources close to Lindsay hilariously say the actress had an epiphany after her recent sentencing and is completely at peace with the judge's decision.

Lindsay is staying positive about community service, fines, counseling, shoplifters alternative class and serving jail time under house arrest - the works.

Lohan's required to stay sober during her probation - which ends after she completes 480 hours of community service - or she faces consequences.

However, people close to Lindsay say she's committed to sobriety for the long haul and that the train wreck has learned her lesson once and for all.

Anyone buying it? Tell us: Can Lindsay Lohan stay clean?



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Let her b pplez!!


yeah, but she's a cat and she has 9 lives.


well her and i have the same scenario going, i am in canada and tell you what, yes she is telling the truth
i am a bit older than her but know this route
why do people get addicted, to ESCAPE and dr's lawyers and police all do the same as celebs or the average JO
give her her peace and at 25 yrs old if she gets it now, good for her
im over 40 and just realized that its no good to escape thru booze,
thank god for people like lindsey ok
she can be a role model now
ya shes sweet and talented but in the limelight so we ?? get to pick on her
clean up your own backyard i say
we really love to gossip
when we should praise,,


Please lets just give her a chance .. she pulls this off and her career could go sky hi.. People goof up lets face it but they do pull out of it.. lets just hope she does also .. all the best to you and goodluck silly


Aww shux.... everyone deserves another chance. Hope u got it right this time Miss Lohan. Have fun! (CLEAN fun!)


Why is this "news" even a topic of conversation. Her parents and her friends have allowed her to be this "bad seed" for many years and for her to make a comment like this (for the 10th+ time)is absurd. Making this announcement to the world is even more "Lindsay" just trying to get folks to pay attention to her antics. She needs to do any recovery quietly and without pomp and circumstance and then maybe, just maybe she might decide to get a life that will NOT have drugs, alcohol and all the other horrible things she is involved in.


I want her to try so very badly. If she can clean up, finally, for once and for all...
Though she needs someone to slap her straight soon, or we're gonna find her dead too.


Better to aim for ONE DAY AT A TIME...


But does she mean it? that is an entirely different thing. Anyway, she DOES need a bra, when your nipples are going in different directions, it's necessary!!


You go Lindsay shut these haters up live yout life to the fullest girl!,:D