Lindsay Lohan Converting to Scientology?

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Lindsay Lohan says she's gonna be turning over a new leaf in life.

Does that inspired attitude include embracing a new religion?

Reports in recent days have claimed that John Travolta was trying to indoctrinate Lohan, his Gotti: Three Generations co-star, into his religion.

Lindsay Lohan: An Ungrateful Snot?

Sources close to Lindsay say that despite what a fun rumor that is, the actress has no plans whatsoever to become a Scientologist, now or ever.

She hasn't taken any classes with the Church and hasn't even been asked to visit by current members, contrary to celeb gossip floating around.

Lindsay has nothing against Scientology but was raised Catholic and plans to stay Catholic, saying she remains an avid practitioner to this day.

She and John will co-star in the Gotti film, however.


@Jem, I think it's great you're doing well, really. But please quit with the A=A=A. You haven't responded to any of the points I have raised, nor the links I have provided that document them. I even included a HCO PL reference for you to start with...! Whatever happened to "Seek to live with truth" from TWTH? Whatever happened to KSW?? Do you actually grasp the importance of it, and WHY it is at the beginning of every major course? You may not take it so seriously but I DO. Keep sticking your head in the sand, Jem, whilst the rest of the world wises up. There is a reason why we as Scientologists are ridiculed/despised by the public at large. You lack data, Jem. Or the data you are being fed is faulty. The Data Series is there for use. So USE it. Stop giving Scientology and Scientologists a bad name by supporting (whether knowingly or unknowingly) an abusive criminal squirrel. Seek to live with Truth! ARC, Jack.


@Jack - I look every day at staff members working their butt off to help people, I look and see myself winning on course and going up the Bridge. I look and see I have amazing friends and an amazing group, I see results. I look, buddy and I see this is the place that delivers Scientology. I don't sit on the internet and natter and bitch and justify and "look what they are doing to me" bullshit. Just get clean and get back onlines. You need it.


this is not going to help lindsay. lindsay has to help lindsay, and atm she does not want to.


Yeah i second that @anti-hater -Scientology is awesome! Lindsay could really benefit from it, if she is Catholic then I think she might need some help remembering some of their most important principles. As for @Jack - dude you have overts.


What's with all the spaming?!


Scientology is NOT a worthless scam. It rocks!


Scientology is a worthless scam.

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