Lauren Alaina on American Idol: A Fatal Stumble?

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Did Lauren Alaina ruin her chance at advancing to the American Idol finale last night?

The beautiful, talented singer stumbled during a key change on "If I Die Young," the kind of mistake that will either garner her sympathy from fans - or lead to her ousting, considering competitors Haley Reinhart and Scotty McCreery both had strong nights.

But Alaina did shine on her two other renditions, most notably having a blast while belting out "Wild One."

"When you let yourself go is when you're your best," Randy told Lauren after that performance.

Watch it, and her cover of "I Hope You Dance" below. Will viewers give Alaina an opportunity to make up for her mistake on next week's finale?

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I am so hapy that "Scotty" got the whole thing, very deserving


If Lauren wins this I think I will never watch A I again


" If I Die Young" was one of the best songs Lauren has ever done. That was a difficult song to sing. She sounded great. A mistake in the song? Big deal. They have all had some kind of mistake.Could any of us done what Lauren has done at the age of 16?


I think Lauren is just too much in love with her self, they lost a lot when they let James go.I so hope Scotty will get it,


i am so happy that Lauren and Scotty made it!!!i love to hear Haley is going home already!bwahahaha!i don't really like her..they all have great voices..but i think America love great voice with amazing personality too..Haley (and her fans) just thought she's the best and never accepted criticisms, that made her not deserving to win!i love Lauren and Scotty just doing their best and humbly embracing everything people are throwing to them, whether critics or praises, that made them deserving to be the final 2!


Lauren is the best, she has a voice that is truley remarkable. I love her voice and her grace. She is already an American Idol in my eyes. Either way she will be a star. She is one in a million a true natural when it comes to her beautiful voice. We love you Lauren


I think Lauren sucks at singing she needs to change her voice a little more and not sound the same all the time. And Sherry I think Haily is the best cause her voice is much better and different. Plus I dont like country haha.


i was amaze with the daughter father now that is what we need parents being involed now that is doing family things toghter im so proud of those two always mama d


I think Lauren would have done an awesome Miranda lamert song I wish she would have sang one.


If she's going to lose because of her "stumble", What about Haley's "stumble"? Just sayin

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