Lady Gaga on American Idol: The Edge of Glory ... and Decency?

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With the fate of two wholesome teens with good reputations hanging in the balance, American Idol viewers were treated to ... a half-naked Lady Gaga!

Obviously you know what you're getting with Gaga, who always pushes the envelope. But this rendition of "Edge of Glory" was pretty risque, even for her.

The star's sexually suggestive moves atop of a makeshift cliff (and a half-naked dude) made for an interesting juxtaposition with the family-oriented show.

Lady Gaga on American Idol Finale

The singer started her song with a long cape and a giant headpiece, then stripped down to lingerie before a shirtless male dancer appeared to maul her.

After a passionate embrace, they jumped off the cliff together. So symbolic. The two finalists, each approximately 11 years old, may be traumatized forever.

Or not. She's a megastar for a reason. You have to give her credit for originality and never mailing it in, leaving every ounce of energy on stage nightly.

In addition to being the hardest working woman in showbiz, there's an authenticity to Gaga that captivates audiences and endears her to millions.

Some parents may complain, but it was an elaborate, dazzling performance the crowd at the Nokia Theatre loved. Because it's Lady Gaga. Bow down!


Wow that was so dumb. Lady Gag me


Well I read the comments before watching the clip and frankly I was expecting something really bad, and it wasn't. Come on, it's nothing a 10 or 11 year old couldn't handle. They haven't the dirty minds that grown-ups have. It actually looks really funny when Gaga is lying down and the male dancer looks like he's trying to mount her, and she's trying to hold on to her microphone and keep singing while crawling away from under him. I started laughing at that point.


My fiance even thought J-Lo's performance as a fake backup singer to husband Marc Antony's song as risque for kids watching. I turned Gaga off after the dancer came up onstage. (Though I love Mark). This show is a family show primarily and kids watch. Keep it clean.


Well the truth is all these ladies including GaGa are dressed and not nude. Watch a classic or modern ballet and comment on their poses and obvious outfit, including the sexual attraction. What is the difference?! Dancers create an illusion and the rest is just your fantasy ...


This is an outrage! What has America come to. American Idol used to be a family show. I had two children in my house as we watched last night and had to turn it off when this performance got raunchy. I was discussed to see this promotion of sexual play on this show. Nasty!!!! Lets clean Television up America.
Think about what we are telling our young people. This public display is not acceptable.


you guys are nothing but some fat ass losers. lady gaga is here and isnt leaving because of like 3 bitches who comment on every post that is related to her. you guys are pathetic. fox has shown many more risqué things before, but because its the queen of pop you guys log on Perez Hilton, bc you know he loves her, and you know hes posting about her. then you just hate hate hate it up. do us a favor and stfu and go away! i love u lady gaga (:


By far this was the worst performance of the night. This entire segment of the show could have been cut/edited out amateurly or not and no one would be worse off.


You have a problem with this, but it's okay for JLo to shake her basically bare naked ass in directly into the camera or the top 12 girls , which included those young contestants grinding on each other through a Beyonce melody. Let's be honest, your problem isnt with the dancing, it's with the strange need to single out Lady Gaga. It's music. It's dancing. It's an art form that has always and will always evoke sensuality. Get over yourself with an article like this.


You didn't see anything more than what you've seen weekly on DWTS. But because it's "ballroom dancing" that makes it acceptable for a woman to dance in a sexually suggestive manner and be mauled by a half naked man as you put it. If you don't like it Free Britney there's an easy solution. Change the channel!!!


Simulating sexual activity is not creative. All been done before. Do something really writing a song that doesn't sound like everything else out there.

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