Lady Gaga on American Idol: The Edge of Glory ... and Decency?

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With the fate of two wholesome teens with good reputations hanging in the balance, American Idol viewers were treated to ... a half-naked Lady Gaga!

Obviously you know what you're getting with Gaga, who always pushes the envelope. But this rendition of "Edge of Glory" was pretty risque, even for her.

The star's sexually suggestive moves atop of a makeshift cliff (and a half-naked dude) made for an interesting juxtaposition with the family-oriented show.

Lady Gaga on American Idol Finale

The singer started her song with a long cape and a giant headpiece, then stripped down to lingerie before a shirtless male dancer appeared to maul her.

After a passionate embrace, they jumped off the cliff together. So symbolic. The two finalists, each approximately 11 years old, may be traumatized forever.

Or not. She's a megastar for a reason. You have to give her credit for originality and never mailing it in, leaving every ounce of energy on stage nightly.

In addition to being the hardest working woman in showbiz, there's an authenticity to Gaga that captivates audiences and endears her to millions.

Some parents may complain, but it was an elaborate, dazzling performance the crowd at the Nokia Theatre loved. Because it's Lady Gaga. Bow down!




She was singing amazing who cares parents we walk in on you having acuall sex all the time so seeing lady gaga and a gay male dancer dry hump is not a big deal!


If anyone watches her interviews explaining her songs she actually wrote this song about her grandfather when he passed away. It was the story of that and how his attitude towards her grandother when he passed. So it is not mocking suicide at all. I wish that more people had some experience with artistry and dnce then they do because it was an obvious performance about love and how meaningful it is especially when your loved one passes.


When acts like this are so insanely common on TV and kids are exposed to it, or ANYONE is exposed to it, it takes away the intimacy. It turns "making love" into "FUCKING".
Again, this is all coming from a 19 year-old. I swear, how far are we gonna take it? Next thing you know, Tyra Banks will be hosting her show butt naked. (though that would be hot as hell, I'm not gonna lie haha) But we need to know the boundaries. We need to start being mature adults.


Lady Gaga needs to have her head examined. Why such vulgarity and sick performances on American Idol? Leave that for that sick show called MTV and your own silly concerts but try to have a little respect and decency on A.I.? What's with her attitude, is she a little cuckoo up there??


Why people are so ashamed of and uncomfortable with seeing sexuality I don't know. It's nothing to be ashamed of, it's a natural part of life. Skin-baring and sexual dance moves should not cause a moral panic in the 21st century. People can be so prudish sometimes.


Lady CaCa


I love Gaga. I love that she annoyed parents, lol. LOVE LOVE LOVE I WANT HER LOVE.


I think you're all missing the point....The issue was it was the WORST performance of the night...Lady Gaga is was a crummy song, poorly executed...She needed to get off that stupid platform (not by mocking committing suicide with her lover boy)...and be free to do what she is so excellent at....


There's a difference to tasteful dancing and having sex with clothes on. Sure, there's nothing legally wrong with what Gaga does but it seems like everyone of the recent generations has lost their morals. Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you should. And this is coming from a 19 year-old dude who highly enjoyed the show, but felt like I was watching a strip show next to my parents. -Awkward.

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