Lady Gaga: Just a Normal, Family-Oriented Girl

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Lady Gaga is "quite normal and traditional" when it comes to family.


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    Lady Gaga, is just a normal person showing the youth of today that you should be who you want to be and not what society tells you. She is very talented and EVERYONE even if you dont like her for some stupid reason, knows it! Your a sensation Gaga!


    Gaga scumb of the earth America should hang its head in shame to woship this shallow excuse of a human being and the distorted mentality she breeds.


    I think if u love attention so much and dress weirdly for it u need to back it up with talent. Gaga has that. Unlike her so called competitors such as ronald mcdonald, an autotune machine,a cheap barbie, and tone deaf performer who am i missing?


    Thank u christy b some people take her too seriously sayingshe's an anti-god is crazy thats the whole part of being famous being judged but no one can judge anyone else while your taking her serious she's making millions from her little monsters 90 mil to prove it i dont really care for her antics at times but she is indeed highly talented i love her music not her persona


    The funny thing is noone gets that Lady Gaga is very normal and her shtick is actually humorous. Everyone tries to read so much into what she does and she's just doing it to do it. she's creative, shes intelligent, she isn't a true freak, she just thinks its a positive thing to let others fly their freak flag too. she'll evolve, she'll change. shes making music and having fun. It's not taht big of a deal. she's highly talented and very entertaining.


    Gaga is a bitch. She is a monster in the making and an anti-God. May she never have kids.


    No crystal are a bitch and wishing someone cant have kids is also being an inconsiderate bitch


    Normal is not what I would call Gaga but that's why she is famous so whatever works! Just don't wear that meat costume again, stop masterbating in public and wear some pants for once.


    HAAAAAATERS SHUT UP ALREADY! can't wait to see what her kids are they are gona be totally crazy, in a good way! GAGA FOR LIFE.


    lady gaga you are ugly and u are a hoe and a bitc

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