Lady Gaga Fans: Born to Crash Amazon!

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The Little Monsters of the world cannot be tamed!

Lady Gaga fans flooded Amazon Monday to buy their digital copy of her new album, Born This Way, at the deeply discounted price of 99 cents. The response to the limited-time offer was so immense, the site crashed!

Give Amazon credit for getting back up and running since - and released a limited number of copies of BTW on their online store AGAIN for that price!

Lady Gaga on Letterman

Mother Monster on The Late Show earlier this week.

Amazon still has to pay the Lady full price. Fans who buy the album also get 20 GB of Cloud Drive storage on the website, which Amazon is trying to promote.

The singer's been making the promotional rounds herself. If you missed it last night, follow the link to watch Lady Gaga on American Idol, singing "Edge of Glory"!


I didn't buy the digital copy but i did buy the actual cd and i listen to it 24/7! It is literally the only cd i have that i listen too..
I freakin love you mother monster (= you're an amazing inspiration please don't be like these other celebs, don't change you are great the way you are


Iz amAzon (Franco-Afrique Accent) snare.snare.highhat


I bought it full price at bestbuy the best well spent 14 dollars of my life listening to it nonstop i believe i like it more than the last two .some may not agree. I'm so in love with The Queen such a beautiful track.


that was nice of them!


Amazon Is the bomb it is so much better then i-tunes on i-tunes it was 11.99 on Amazon it was .99 I mean come on why waste you money on overpriced I-tunes we all need it for gas.


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