Lady Gaga, David Letterman Ramble Endlessly in Hilarious "Interview"

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Lady Gaga was interviewed by David Letterman last night, but it didn't feel like an interview in the traditional sense. The Late Show host and Born This Way singer essentially spent 15 minutes rambling and exchanging absurd comments.

Some highlights included:

  • A discussion of the egg/vessel and rebirth process.
  • Dave running down a list of popular Gaga rumors.
  • Gaga plugging her new album and talking Twitter.
  • Dave attempting to talk about her fashion sense.
  • Gaga encouraging Dave to take his pants off.
  • Dave cracking up at her tales of waitressing.
  • Gaga saying she won't go back to college because, “In my line of work, I don’t know that they can teach you how to ride disco sticks.”

In short, a must-see back-and-forth from a tremendous pairing. We need to mandate that these two do this at least once a month going forward.

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Right, cause a coke head would be that witty and charming and on track with someone as experienced as Dave Letterman - as opposed to sweating and clenching their jaw. How nervous would you be at first in such a situation? She's adorable and hysterical in this interview.

Avatar thats what a coke head looks like.


She was so funny like wow


It was a real hoot!
Glad I skipped Nightline last night and tuned in (no offense to the tornado victims.). You couldn't write a funnier episode. With the Rapture a bust and more world disasters occurring, we all might as well die laughing.