Lady Gaga Album Sales: Huge!

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This just in: folks love Lady Gaga!

The artist is poised to become the first singer to sell over one million copies of an album in a week since Taylor Swift pulled off that feat last fall.

Indeed, when the Billboard 200 comes out this week, industry insiders expect the eccentric artist's "Born This Way" to have broken the 1.15 million mark, partly thanks to a promotion ran by Amazon last week when it sold the CD for 99 cents over two days.

Lady Gaga on GMA

How much will Gaga blow away the competition by?

Brad Paisley’s “This Is Country Music” is expected to sit in second place, with sales of around 155,000.

Watch Lady Gaga in action now via our set of videos from her recent Good Morning America appearance. She's a zip-lining, fun-loving talent, that's for certain!



The column acts as if Gaga's appeal is that she's 'fun,' 'fun-loving' etc and that that is the limit of her appeal when the truth is that her music has an enormous amount of stylistic depth and heart and that she is becoming a major American artist and not merely a celebrity who uses pop music as a vehicle to stay famous.


Great marketing saved that terrible album!now lets watch it fall off the charts hard within a month !hahaha lame.


She does deserve it she's hardworking and talented and its a great pop album. I love it and I love her. She still sold 700k to 800k without amazon according estimates


She deserves it, she promoted the hell out of it

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