Kurt Cobain Was "F*%king Well Hung" Courtney Love Reveals For No Reason

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In 1991, three guys from Washington recorded Nevermind.

The album by Nirvana would sell 25 million copies, alter the course of music and fashion, and transform Kurt Cobain into the reluctant voice of a generation.

A "f%*king well hung" one, his widow proclaimed this week!

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love, who's always there for a good quote just when you start to forget she's still around, enlightened GQ with this gem for reasons unknown.

Love responded to a question about whether Brad Pitt could portray Kurt in a biopic: "Kurt had more presence and more beauty than Brad Pitt. He was a leader, he was strong, in fact he was well f*%king hung, if you really want to know."

We really didn't. But well ... we do now. Thanks Court.


To N: WOW really? Leave her alone? Sure if she COULD Keep her fat mouth shut than we would have nothing to comment on. And so what if that was her husband? Make no difference to me; still an inappropriate comment to say the least.


Haha. She would brag about that. And why shouldnt she? All of you so sensitive about him...i understand why. but for gods sake. He was her husband...it was her that lost him. Just leave her alone.


Poor guy was fucked in the head as it is, i don't think he'd like her saying all his shit, but on the other hand she has point, could brad pitt be him?


Ouch to SI but so true. No one would be sane around her!!
Do you know how they met? She was at his concert and she flashed him and it was literally history from there. Great start huh??!!


No wonder Kurt committed suicide, being married to this woman.


She's a pig.


What crack pipe what she just smoking on to say that!!??
Fucking weirdo!! Haven't you done enough to your daughter?


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