Kris on Kris: Mother Approves of Kim Kardashian's Fiance

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Consider this part five in what it sure to be our never-ending, nauseating series: The Day in Kim Kardashian Wedding News.

Today, we bring you word from the mother of the soon-to-be-bride, as Kris Jenner tells People her daughter and Kris Humphries very much have her blessing to wed.

"He is so amazing and sweet and after spending time with him I came to realize he was such an important part of the family," Kris says about Kris.

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Who could not love this face?

Kris adds that she has never seen her oldest so happy, summing up the engaged couple as follows:

"It's hard to let someone in to such a crazy, big, dynamic family and have someone hold their own. Kris does. And he allows Kim to be who she is. She is such an amazing person with such a big heart and she's such a romantic and he's exactly the same way. They're cute together."

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Yes of course u approve Kris ur the chief gold digging whore who taught ur daughters to chase fame and fortune by any means necessary. U only want ur daughters to marry rich which is why u whore them out to any rich athlete or rapper that looks their way. I bet ur so disappointed Kourtney chose her heart and stayed with Scott instead of spreading her legs to some rich black athlete


Life in a fishbowl... Now??? You say that as though it's not exactly what they want, like they haven't made it so for the past 5 yrs...It's the only reason that you even know who they are...duh! No mistakes here.


of course her mother approves! SHE'S A CELEBRITY HOAR & GOLD-DIGGGER JUST LIKE HER!


kims not the oldest


Kris you're hot!! Get ready for your life being in a fish bowl.

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