Kris Humphries to Keep Up with the Kardashians on New Season

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Kris Humphries was rarely featured on offense for the New Jersey Nets this season, doing his damage mostly on second chances while averaging three offensive rebounds per game.

But the power forward will get his time in the spotlight on E! this summer, as Kim Kardashian confirms an abundance of her boyfriend on the new season of her family's heavily scripted reality show.

K Kouple

"[Kris] is in my life, so he will be on it a little bit," Kim told Us Weekly. "He won't be the main focus of the show or anything, but the reality of my life is that he is in it, so yeah, he will be on the show."

Rumors of an impending engagement between the couple continue to persist. Would Kris have a problem adjusting to such a public life? Not according to his large-breasted significant other, who said of shooting her show:

"It was a good test for him. He is totally fine with it and he makes it easy."

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wow dude he is tall lol i know how u feel kim!!! lol with the shortnesss and everything hahahahahhaha there cute together though:)


she mad little lol


It would be much more interesting if the Kardashians suddenly had an interest in an unathletic, financially impaired guy...with a good heart, but no $$$ or fame...hmmmmm??? (ok, maybe Scott almost qualifies here) I think that's what Kim should go for!!...I think she's a true romantic underneath it all (although her mom is always trying to pimp her out.)


kim like i love you but i just looked at some bing pictures and you are the biggest hore alive you lonatic HORE HORE HORE HRE HORE HRQ!Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Kardashians show is very scripted they have been called out on that many times which is why I have stopped watching. If Kim hopes to get her claws into this very young man and land any chances of marrying him she should keep their relationship private. We all saw her put public pressure on Reggie to get married and look what happened lol! The same thing happened with Miles Austin, but Kim cant do anything without a camera rolling even have sex lol


i cant get over how tiny she looks compared to him!!


Heavily scripted show ...? Eff off !

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