Kim Kardashian Demands Removal of Illegal Boob Usage

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Aside from letting Ray J film them, taking her top off for multiple publications, and donning form-fitting outfits every other day for red carpet appearances, Kim Kardashian is really protective of her breasts.

Therefore, the reality star was simply aghast when she noticed them being used illegally.

For the cover of their new album, producers Terrace Martin and Devi Dev used a close-up of Kim's W Magazine photo spread, earning the wrath of Kardashian and her attorney, who followed off a cease-and-desist letter that read: "We cannot imagine why you thought you had the right to use this photograph without permission."

Kim Kardashian Boobs

The producers responded by replacing the image with another shot of breasts, as Dev told TMZ the issue was simply a case of ignorance:

"We didnt even know they were her boobies because obviously I don't recognize her by her nipples."

That's odd. By what other body part would one recognize Kim Kardashian?

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Love to Kim from germany....


Kim Kardashian is a realy HOT chick, I like her style and her sexy body...xD She is smart and sexy and this is what i like at Kim...
Kim is the better than Paris Hilton...
dear Germanboi


hey guys can you all stop bitching about her ?. so what if she had plastic surgery in her body ?. that does not change who she is as a person inside okay ?
no body is freak perfect okay ass tina. just face it that she is popular and u aint .
hey guys can you all stop bitching about her ?. so what if she had plastic surgery in her body ?. that does not change who she is as a person inside okay ?
GET A LIFE PEOPLE ! if u're saying that she's trying to get publicity . well her job is that okayy . and besides this article does even say that she had received compensation just dun assume it okayy thats she's all about money . and i got only one last thing to say . she has it and she flaunts it.dont be jealous .


her boobs are slanted to the sides. They look droopy


Damn Brandi, err I mean "Tina, Pia, Baby Girl" you still harboring so much hate?


@ Tina Best story I've ever read. Do you have anymore to share of others?


Cease ! Desist !


Just like I said before, kim is Money money money Nothing else.!


Tina or Pia, what's the difference, same person. You need help, ASAP. How many Kim posts will I find you ranting on?


@maria i know right lmao and at pia/tina or kim superstar whatever come on dude we get it she a fame whore