Kendall Jenner on Birth Control: Right or Wrong?

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Kendall Jenner is 15 years old and on birth control.

This fact was confirmed by Khloe Kardashian earlier in the week, as she sat with E! News and previewed the upcoming, sixth season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

"She is on birth control," Khloe said of her sister. "But  I don't want it to be bad... Because it's not that reason why she's on birth control."

Kendall J.

In other words: Kendall may not be sexually active. Various types of pills also regulate one's menstrual cycle and/or assist with acne.

Of course, many people out there might still take issue with a 15-year old on birth control for any reason. Especially a certain, former Vice Presidential candidate. Are you among them? What do you think of Kendall on birth control?



It noone's business


there are legitimate medical reasons for being on BC.


just because she is on birth control doesnt mena she is sexually active and even if she was WHO CARES ITS NOONES BUISNESS AACCEPT HERS. and she is taking responsibilty by being safe.. but who knows and who cares its nnoones buisness.. even if ur not sexually active u shoudl still be on it just in case... what happens if u were raped or smehting u still want to be safe and know that if someone god for bid something like that happens u protected rself as much as u can ... she could be tkaing it to lighten her period or take the pains away noone knows and noone should judge


I was on Birth Control at the age of 14 becuase I had cycts on my ovaries and they only stopped growing when I was on Birth Control. There may be other health reasons here so lets not jump to conclusions


She is at least taking responsibility for her undeniable and unsurprising sexual urges and motives, recognizing that she is just human, but doesn't wish to be stuck with a baby, no matter what happens. It's very responsible, as many people of this age will run around behind their parents' backs and don't even consider birth control or condoms.

Catriona colerick

I don't feel like it's any of our business...


Another whore in training. Just like the rest of her disgusting family of fake ass tramps. Please make these people go away. Enough already...they have no talents!!!!!


THG must be written by a bunch of complete idiots. this girl is FIFTEEN years old. why in the world are you broadcasting that a 15 year old is on birth control?? if you were marginally intelligent you would realize birth control can be prescribed for a number of reasons. and anyway, its not anyone's business whether a 15 year old is/is not using birth control and if so why.


I don't think it's our business to comment on. That's her family's issue to deal with.


It could be to minimize symptoms of painful periods, sure, but let's face it - she's 15 and gorgeous, and it's only a matter of time before she takes up the family business on her back. NBA stars aren't going to wait forever you know LOL


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