Katie Holmes: Totally (Not) Pregnant!

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Katie Holmes is totally pregnant. And by totally, we mean not at all.

Who are we kidding here. We don't expect celebrity gossip magazine OK! to let facts get in the way of a good cover, but this isn't even semi-believable.

There’s a special glow emanating from Katie lately, the story says, and it’s not a great tan or some Scientological aura. It's from ... not being stick thin.

They claim it's a baby bump, but really, all this cover is based on is an unflattering shot of Katie a Barneys New York in L.A. on May 6. Check it out:

Katie Holmes Pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie Holmes is showing ... signs of not being anorexic.

Katie’s rep denies that she’s expecting, probably because she's not. But they delayed the announcement of her pregnancy with Suri, too, so hey, who knows!

At least claiming Holmes is pregnant and ecstatic isn't likely to get the magazine sued, unlike Star, which recently defamed Katie by calling her a drug addict.

Whatever the reason, OK! is going all out insisting this is true.

“She said she’s finally past the morning sickness phase,” an insider says, saying that Tom Cruise's wife “was talking a mile a minute. She’s so excited.”


I know at Tom C. and Katie H. have a lucky life.. but you know this world it's nothing. one day will everyone die.. And Mashallah because you have a lucky life. but you guys dont think about them in Africa... they have a bad life a really bad life.. Inshallah it's everyone dead.. This world it's nothing.. This world it's just a GAME !!!


That's awesome congratulation Katie.. you know i am really big fan of you :) you and Tom Cruise.. HEHE. love you guys :) :)


Well it certainly is good news Katie Holmes isn't pregnant! Especially because she allows Suri to do whatever she pleases fills her body with sugar, allows her to wear high heels, and generally knows nothing about taking care of children properly. And letting her have a bottle and pacifier to long and all that sugar can not be good for her teeth or body. Soi yes, GOOD NEWS!


No Katie isn't pregnant! - STAR ;)


she probably just ate a meal


LOL! The magazine the "stars" trust! The picture of Kate Cruise in the jeans and the picture of Katie Holmes in the center of the cover were not even taken in the same decade and most likely, not even in the same century!

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