Kate Middleton and Prince William: Coming to America!

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Prince William and Kate Middleton got married last week. Maybe you heard.

The newlyweds are not taking a honeymoon anytime soon (good for them), but luckily for us, they are planning a trip to America this summer!

Kate and William will visit California from July 8-10, though their exact itinerary is not public. Prince William has visited the U.S. privately before.

The newly-minted Duchess of Cambridge has never before visited America. The excursion will follow their visit to Canada from June 30-July 8.

The Morning After

William and Kate the day after the Royal Wedding.

We can't wait. No word if Prince Harry and Chelsey Davy and/or Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon will also be visiting the states anytime soon.

[Photo: WENN.com]


100 % agree with Diane. Lady Di is rolling in her grave looking down at that fake wedding show down that they all put on. I give them 6 mon's till they apart.


W and K please stay away from the USA no one even likes you guys here, Hasa matter of fact your family is nothing but a joke and so is your &^&^% marrage. Give back the money to you people who paid for your lame ass wedding


hollywood is gonna eat them alive! They wont be able to go anywhere


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Can't beleive they are finally coming to America y'all!

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