Kate Gosselin Ordered to Cough Up $10K For Failed Marriage Counseling

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Famous reality mom Kate Gosselin was ordered to dole out ten large for marriage counseling, even though said counseling didn't exactly pan out.

In court this week, she was told to pay $10,000 to a Pennsylvania marriage therapist whom she allegedly hired to help her and Jon Gosselin in 2009.

Katie G

Their rough patched turned into an all-out war and a divorce.

Until now, Kate had refused to pay the fee, instead doing the obvious - blaming Jon. The judge says that defense is no longer gonna cut it.

OLD TIMES: The love and hair seen here are long gone.

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I think Kate is a horrible mother who says she wants the best for her kids - while she gets plastic surgery and goes globe trotting. She says she has had to scale down and take mini vacations - and she can't possibly do something as worthless as nursing now. I wouldn't want her to ever be my nurse anyway. Unless a camera is following her and she is living the life of the rich and famous - she is not happy. Stop using your kids as an excuse and grow up. Poor families get by and make due with what they have and their kids are just as happy - probably happier than your kids are in fact.


What a media whore this woman is. She could have put her children first, and paid the bill, as she makes $250,000 an episode off her children, and at least kept this dumb information off the tabloid circuit. She is the most self-centered, dysfunctional mother, that reality TV has ever known. The worst part is she just doesn't get it.