Kara DioGuardi Reality Show: Coming to Bravo!

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Because one Kara DioGuardi reality show isn't nearly enough...

The former American Idol judge will appear alongside Jewel on the singing competition Platinum Hit later this month, premiering May 30. But for those who are dying to go further inside the life of this songwriter, Bravo will soon have the show for you!

The network has given the greenlight to Kara. It will likely air in late 2011.

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"Kara is the perfect addition to our latest development slate," said Eli Lehrer, vice president of development at Bravo. "People have one perception of DioGuardi, but this series will peek behind the curtain and reveal much more interesting and multi-faceted aspects of this incredibly successful, talented artist and business woman.

"We believe her dynamic personality and fascinating career will resonate with our audience and reflect our pop culture brand."

Will you tune in for Kara?


she has the personality of a piece of wood. I saw her on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo & she was the most boring guest they have ever had. She might be a talented writer but she is not funny or interesting. She is her biggest fan.


I think this peek of her breasts is as far behind the curtain I want to peek. I always thought she had more going for her than to get in line to start revealing more of her body like most in front of the camera


I will definitely support Kara! American Idol lost a true talent when they let her go. I always turned up the TV when Kara gave her critiques to the singers. She is an awesome person and true to her authentic self. YOU GO GIRL! If you ever want input on the show from someone nobody knows, please let me be apart of it. I grew up in Motown and continue to be fascinated with all the music and talent shows on TV. I always believe honesty is the best critique one could offer along with some life lessons. You are a CHAMPION!!!!

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