Justin Theroux: Dating Jennifer Aniston?

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No. Jennifer Aniston is not dating Justin Theroux.

The two dined together on Wednesday, but contrary to celebrity gossip reports, there's no romance heating up between Aniston and Theroux.

"What X17 neglected to mention was that there were three other people at the dinner," Aniston's rep told Us Weekly. "It was a friends dinner."

Aniston in Action

Cut X17 some slack. Jen is single. Theroux is male. It's only natural to assume they're dating, because the platonic friend is a bogus concept.

Rumors circulated that the 42-year-old lonely actress was romantically involved with the 39-year-old Your Highness star a bit earlier this week.

The two were seen together at a group dinner at L.A.'s Sunset Tower Hotel. Aniston and Theroux are also co-stars in the comedy Wanderlust.

Still, a romance is not to be. Says a witness: "[Jen] was romantic with nobody at the table. She had a great time, but was definitely not on a date."

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Jenifer Aniston stole somebody boy friend. She is real homewrecker


nothing new here guys, this lady dates all her co stars-- she is so sad and yesterday's news. what is so important about her is beyond belief. oh gosh, it is news-- she bed another man, has a party to show him off-- what is he a a "dog"? tomorrow it will be news she is out and about. the media must take us for idiots. why she has to be on their radar 24/7 is about as exciting as watching one of her dumb movies. move on hollywood and talk about someone else.


Jennifer Aniston needs to start dating someone already! Come on, what's wrong with this guy now? Is he single? Grab him! Try & make him shave though!


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