Justin Bieber on Marg Helgenberger Comments: Kinda Lame!

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The criticism lobbed at Justin Bieber by Marg Helgenberger came out of nowhere this weekend, and apparently came as a big surprise to Bieber himself.

Bieber seems to be pretty shocked that the CSI actress said he was a "brat" on the set, citing numerous examples of the youngster's behavior.

He finds it especially odd, since they never actually worked together.

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Bieber never mentioned Marg by name in his Twitter-buttal.

Bieber just went on Twitter and said in response, "it's kinda lame when someone you met briefly and never worked with comments on you."

Still, he added, "I will continue to wish them luck and be kind."

"rumors are just that...rumors. In the end if you just be kind and be yourself people will know who you are. That goes for anyone i think."

Biebs also said, "I know who i am and sometimes people r just going 2 say what they want. Keep ur head up and be the man ur mama raised."

You tell 'em, JB. And u b the man ur fans luv 4 ever 2.

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@ali You got this information from watching a movie? Wow, you really are naive. You believe everything you see on reality shows too huh LOL. You are very gullible and a moron.


Marg's comments seemed to be said in jest. She is smiling and half way laughing when she said it. I wouldn't take it too seriously....that being said you know the teeny boppers are going to deal out death threats LMAO. They'll tweet her to death. SMH


Just because Marg and Bieber did not work together does not mean she was not on set filming her own scenes when Bieber was there. He did not say that he did not do the things she said made him a brat. I think Bieber needs to realize that not everyone is a 13 year old girl who loves everything he does. If he wants to play with the big boys and act on TV then he needs to act as a professional and not like a spoiled kid. I don't care how old you are, if you think you are mature enough to act on a show like CSI then you should be mature enough to conduct yourself in a way that is acceptable. They don't need to lower theselves to the standards of a 17 year old, he needs to raise himself to the standard of an adult show. If he could not or chose not too then pass up the offer to be on the show. Not everyone on Earth adores Justin Bieber, I just don't think Bieber knows that yet.


i agree with @peartree 100 percent you are totaly right in my opinion


Oh and @ali, i will NEVER watch never say never, and i will ALWAYS say never to justin bieber. Haha thats a lot of nevers


Oh and @ali, i will NEVER watch never say never, and i will ALWAYS say never. Haha thats a lot of nevers


MARG IS RIGHT! PEOPLE STANDING UP FOR JUSTIN GET A LIFE MARG IS RIGHT AND YOU KNOW IT! Heres even more proof that justin is a brat, hes accusing people who critisise him! What, does he expect everyone to love him? Ditch the crappy moves, get a manly voice, change the clothes, change the hair, change your looks, change your bratty attitude and get a life and then i might like you!


Well first of all, has this lady ever heard of getting in character? On CSI Justin played a troubled punk teen who was well.... bad ass. So yes Justin wanted to get into character and be a mischevous teen, which is totally okay in that case. And he was not a 'brat' he could never be a 'brat'. He is a very well-rounded teen, raised by a very nice mother Justin Bieber is not a 'brat', he will never be a 'brat' we all know this just by watching Never Say Never. He is an amazing boy!


@ R.E nobody is jealous of justin bieber lol. Hes a teenager & teenagers are allowed to be brats from time to time. Also, its part of human nature to judge people, even more if they are in the public eye.


I think you all need to get a life...It's obvious that all the negative comments are from those who envy and are jealous of the success of a hard working, talented, and Blessedly lucky young man.If you don't know JB personally, (which you all obviously don't) then DON'T JUDGE HIM and criticize...I don't know why an actress would say mean things about him, especially if she didn't even work closely with him, but random non-fans certainly have no right to say mean things... And if Marg Helgenberger is a parent, she should watch what she says about other people's children! I don't think she would want people to criticize her "bratty" offspring in the media...what goes around comes around...it'll come back and bite her in the a@@!

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