Justin Bieber Reaches Out to Bullied Teen

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Justin Bieber made the dreams come true of a special fan in Australia this week.

On tour Melbourne, JB invited Casey Heynes on stage. Who is Casey Heynes? He's the student who responded to a videotaped bullying earlier this year by reacting violently against his taunt-filled classmates. (Watch the incident here.)

After paying for Casey's plane ticket, Justin introduced him to the crowd, referring to him as an inspiration to those who "stand up for what they believe in."

Late last year, Bieber recorded a PSA that advised troubled teens how it gets better. Check out the encouraging moment with Heynes below:


Wow justin you did a great job i love you


This is shameless self-promotion. Bieber is using the kid for money. Casey = Internet fans; Bieber = Bieber fans. Mix them together and act all sweet and cute and BAM! You have everyone cheering for you. Bieber looks like the hero and Casey's popularity rises temporarily.

Brenda bauder

That kid was pushed beyond his endurance. He fought back. I would much rather they fight back than go off some where and kill themselves like so many teens do these days. So here's to a kid that isn't going to take it anymore, good job. Justin, you did a good thing by recognizing this kid. Normally, I would not condone violence, but there comes a time when all else fails.


The kid had been physically and emotionally bullied by these little punks for the past 3 years, i really don't blame him for finally snapping and relatiating physically. the bully victim himself said he doesn't recommend people use violence as defense, but that sometimes you just can't hold it in any longer. lesson learned: never pick on people, especially not ones that are twice your size.


Justin you are really nice for doing that i hope you an make other girls happy :) and i hope you are happy with selena :) P.s. Justin if you read i just want you to know you are awesome!!!!!!!!!


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sometimes the only way to stop being bullied is to physically fight back. i remember this girl in 3rd grade wouldn't stop pulling my hair and stealing the things i was playing with. i got fed up, because she wasn't listening to the teacher telling her to leave me alone, and pushed her the next time she pulled my hair. that was the last time she ever bothered me. i applaud anyone who stands up to being bullied and although i do agree that violence is not the answer, sometimes it's the only way to get through to a bully.


the kid got punched in the face, he should have body slamed the little bastard. Good for him and good for Justin for bringing him on stage.


why???? this kid picked up the "bullying" kid that was half his size and body slammed him on the concrete!!! how is this promoting to stop bullying if you retaliate this way?????????????? violence should not meet violence!


i'just hope that you'd okay

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