Justin Bieber Gives Selena Gomez a Foot Massage

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There's no doubt about it at this point, folks: Jelena is in full effect!

After playing coy over their status for weeks, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have gone public with their romance in an overt fashion.

There was the press conference kiss, followed by the Billboard Music Awards PDA, and now a Hawaiian vacation that is being chronicled by the paparazzi and by friends of the couple.

A Justin Bieber Foot Rub

As anyone who has seen Pulp Fiction knows, it doesn't get much more intimate than a foot rub.

Days after multiple shots of Justin and Selena frolicking, kissing and straddling in the sand were released, a friend has Tweeted the picture above.

Will these displays of affection just endear this couple to the world? Or might such open touching actually turn off Bieber's fan base? They are, to put it mildly, quite passionate about the star.

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Answer: "S-E-L-E-N-A-G-O-M-E-Z"


der!!! who care's if your dating .. u 2 better get married ,,darn!


yup hes totally having sex with her, how can they not. They look like the are so in love, shes sitting there half naked!


I personalY hate Selena Gomez and not because she is going out with JB. They are just starting to get on my nerves cause no one really cares how happy they are together so they just need to keep their realtionship to the selves. They flaunt it infront of the fans then when the meet them places like at stores or on the street they completly ingnore them or treat them like trash, thats why i personally don't like eaither of them.


and? Your point?


awwwwwwwwwwwwww i can tell that bieber is not likeing it that he have to rub her foot


im supportive of them dating, i just wish they wouldn't flaunt it. i have nothing against justin or selena, but of course i'm jealous!! u crazies (aka weird beliebers) need 2 stop sending death threats and acting immature. its not helping anything. go find a real life bf. its not like any of us really have a chance with him anyway! get real. he's a superstar, and some of us haven't even met, and i highly doubt that he wants to date some super crazy fans who screams and chases him all the time. PEACE


He has changed so much...


Hot.. Selena G
jb u r doin rightthin!!!


Who cares?

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