Justin Bieber Gives Selena Gomez a Foot Massage

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There's no doubt about it at this point, folks: Jelena is in full effect!

After playing coy over their status for weeks, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have gone public with their romance in an overt fashion.

There was the press conference kiss, followed by the Billboard Music Awards PDA, and now a Hawaiian vacation that is being chronicled by the paparazzi and by friends of the couple.

A Justin Bieber Foot Rub

As anyone who has seen Pulp Fiction knows, it doesn't get much more intimate than a foot rub.

Days after multiple shots of Justin and Selena frolicking, kissing and straddling in the sand were released, a friend has Tweeted the picture above.

Will these displays of affection just endear this couple to the world? Or might such open touching actually turn off Bieber's fan base? They are, to put it mildly, quite passionate about the star.

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Hey i think its sweet how a boyfriend rubbs your feet. you guyss are so cute together and i hope for the best (= love u guys


I lOvE u JuStIn BiEbEr AnD sElEnA gOmEz :)


her feet must stink........selna is uly as heckk.........


He gave me a foot massage because my feet hurt!


cute at first now just annoying. most celeb couples keep pretty quiet once they get too much attention.with the little privacy they have this is a bit much LOL


I am so glad that you 2 are famous I love you 2 together I love you 2 so much because I think you
2 are such a good couple I am very happy for you guys I mean I am a big fan


I am so happy for you and Justin Selena I love you 2 together I am so glad that Justin found you Selena
I love you both so much I WILL always think of my favorite singers
and I am so Proud of you Justin here is your reward


and one more thing I WILL not let you ruin young love because you want to say cruse words and I
WILL not let nohing happen to Justin and Selena because they are my favorite singers do you hear me
Okay now remember from now on you are going to say nice things to my favorite singers bye


Hey stop saying cruse words in the comments I love Justin and Selena Just stop Plesae stop
I wILL not let you ruin their relationship because I have my right to say this is wrong to do


Hi Justin how,s your baby sister Jazmyn. doing good Justin are you on twitter right now

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