Justin Bieber Concerts Threatened By Crew Revolt, Japan Radiation Concerns

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Two upcoming Justin Bieber concerts in Japan could be in jeopardy because of the star's crew members, many of which are refusing to visit the country.

Fearing radiation and cancer risk from the recent nuclear disaster, and/or another earthquake, much of the crew wants out of the May 17 and 19 shows.

Scooter Braun, Justin's manager, is not pleased about this ...

I Can't Hear You...

Today in Adelaide, Australia, Braun reportedly exploded at the crew, telling them all to "Man the f**k up and do the right thing by these kids."

Members of the crew fired back at Bieber's manager, saying it wasn't safe and that Avril Lavigne and Slash had canceled their Japan concerts.

Scooter said Justin did not want to disappoint ticket-holders and that the Japanese government gave the "all clear" to visit Osaka and Tokyo.

Braun noted that Maroon 5 is still on for its upcoming Japanese concerts, but for now, there's a stalemate, and the Bieber shows are in limbo.

Justin himself has yet to weigh in on the subject ...




If the crews afraid, then that's ok, Scooter can't force them to go but I kinda agree that if the Japanese Government have given them the thumbs up then it should be ok. What about the fans that may have lost loved ones? They need to get SOME kind of happiness. I guess it's up to Justin, I mean he's the one we all wanna hear from.


Look, if the crew is afraid they are afraid, replace them if you feel you must do these shows now but they have every reason to be a bit scared. No ones life will be disrupted if a pop concert is rescheduled or canceled (with ticket price refunded) though a few 13 year old girls may get upset. It's just a Justin Bieber concert, it's not some big deal.


its pleasing to hear world hit musicians to play live in Australia but what about those unlucky ones, Tell them to come to Bautiful Country, Papua New Guinea.


Is pleasing a few fans worth a serious health risk? I think not.


Scooter Braun will do N.E.THING to have Justin be on top, even put young lives at risk. Scooter creeps me out with his desperation. It's like he lives through Justin. Blech.


Man that really sucks. All Justin wants to do is please his fans no matter what the risk.




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