Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: The Slo-Mo Smooch!

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Selena Gomez isn't sure if she's in love with Justin Bieber.

But the singer is touring the globe along with her boyfriend in order to find out.

During a stop in Jakarta, Indonesia this week, Justin and Selena shared their most public kiss to date, smooching in front of reporters at a press conference. Don't these two just look adorable together? In case you doubt it, the following video replays their peck in super slow motion...

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Who cares what he kisses like as long as he treats her well?


What I don't understand if some of y'all don't like him then why y'all posting your comments on here and why do y'all care?? Obviously you do like him and are jealous... Some of y'all are a bunch of haters!! And y'all say he's a terrible kisser but he is obviously doing something right cause Selena still likes him, so why don't y'all get a life and get off his jock! There's some honesty for you ass!


hey selena gomez get your lips off of him o i will ter your lips off your face and your body


i agree with snow, TERRIBLE kisser. Hahaha


how are we even sure that's really them


That is so sweet!!! :)


omg get off of him i love4 you justin


Wow he's really a terrible kisser!

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