Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: The Slo-Mo Smooch!

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Selena Gomez isn't sure if she's in love with Justin Bieber.

But the singer is touring the globe along with her boyfriend in order to find out.

During a stop in Jakarta, Indonesia this week, Justin and Selena shared their most public kiss to date, smooching in front of reporters at a press conference. Don't these two just look adorable together? In case you doubt it, the following video replays their peck in super slow motion...

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So Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissed....leave them alone...they don't have to be boyfriend and girlfriend....friends kiss also....but Justin bieber is a busy boy these days...he is on tour right now and Selena Gomez is also a busy woman these days also doing her thing...therefore If Selena Gomez is not sure she is in love with Justin? I don't think it's about feeling in love. It's about "THE TIME", meaning Do they have the time to spend time together when their both very busy on their separate tours.


Well there cute but... The truth is Selena is WAAAAYYYYY out of Justin's league... But if she likes him then... That's cool... There not right for each other in my honest opinion... "And Selena is he really worth YOUR life?" Also it's nice that they have been tg for so long... It is unfortunate though that they they barely get to see each other... So I think it's safe to say... That they really need to start seeing different people, or none at all because if your with someone... I don't thing phone calls and video chat really make a difference... And truly I am saying this to my heart.
P.S. To all the people who think there a good couple that's nice but... You don't need to rub it in to the people who don't think they are a good couple... You have your opinion and we have ours... Lets leave it at that... Shall we?


to tell the truth i dont like justin biber but selena is good actually perfect.


so cute jelena is perfect match


I don't think Selena and Justin are the perfect match, because Justin has a big timetable, and so does Selena, so it'll be hard for them to find time for each other after they've finished touring. Also, there is a lot of pressure directed at Selena fro Justin's fans, and, finally, they're really, really different in personality. Sarah


you people who are threating selena grow the fuk up u never ever will have a chance with him so again grow up really


Pedaphile!!! lol


The Kiss between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez was more like "Bye Bye i must on the stage"-kiss

Glam liliane

i think that they look so gooooooood together they are such an adorable couple that's the truth..


i guess that they are soooooo adorabl nd they look great together that's the truth...

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