Joshua Drummonds, 16 & Pregnant Star, Arrested For Forgery

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Joshua Drummonds stars on 16 & Pregnant.

Like many (who are we kidding, all) of his co-stars, Josh now stars in THG's celebrity mug shots gallery as well. Dude's in jail as we write this!

Drummonds' own mom told the police he forged her signature on a $30.00 check, landing him behind bars in Monroe County, Michigan. So worth it!

Joshua Drummonds Mug Shot

According to the criminal complaint, Josh wasn't looking for a huge payday, writing five checks to himself totaling $270. The amounts ranged from $30-100.

Still, he is now facing seven felony charges - one count of larceny for stealing the checks, five counts of forgery and one count of violating his probation.

Yes, the 16 & Pregnant baby daddy was obviously on probation already.

Josh, who faces years in prison for each forgery count (it's not sexy, but that crime has TEETH) is being held with bail set at $20,000.

Most likely that'll have to be paid by certified check.


Heroin Addicts that don't take care of their kids r not to be labelled as "good kids". He had plenty of chances to get his shit together and he chose to hide needles in a heater where his son could get at them. All u morons calling him a good kid and saying these posts r ruining his life...grow up. That kid ruined his own life. His son's mother had every right not to let a crack head heroin addict near her son.


Dude , i was this kids cell mate in jail. He didnt "Abuse " his baby momma if yall only knew the whole story . The stupid bitch dont even let him see the kid so that already tells you so much. Stop dick ricding and suck dick you retarded ass wanna bes !


This kid was ABUSIVE to the mother of his child. I'm not a "hater" ( a pathetic attempt at an insult you people use when others voice an opinion contrary to yours), but this guy put himself out there on a TV show and abused the mum of his child PRACTICALLY WHILE IN LABOUR, for goodness sake!! No, I don't like the kid, never will like him- he showed respect for noone, including his own mother. And if he's been stupid enough to steal checks from her, he can lump it. Maybe he'll learn that actions have consequences, a fact that apparently has eluded him for long enough. To sum it up: what a knob!!


if you guys only knew who josh was hes a really nice kid, he just has a problem. this is pathic how you guys can just post stuff like this. your ruining his life. josh is one of my good friends and doesnt deserve this its bull shit. so all you haters can back the fuck up.


his own mother told on him. How sad. Hes still her kid, she should try to help him instead of letting him get arrested. Now he can never be anything in life cuz hes a convited felon. He could have changed. So sad.


What a great dad---NOT


Teehee!! I think this one is my favorite. Seven charges in one swift strike! Twenty grand for bail! All in a moment with an ink pen... I like this guy. He's the villian that wears a suit in caper films. All the other teen baddies seem sloppy now.

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