Jon Stewart, Bill O'Reilly Clash Over Common

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Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly clashed over the non-issue that simply won't go away - Common's recent invite to the White House - Monday on Fox News.

Having already crushed Fox News over its treatment of the subject last week, the Comedy Central host more than held his own on Bill's home court.

When O'Reilly accused Common of defending cop killers, Stewart broadened the argument to discuss Fox's "selective outrage" against the rapper.

If the network's outrage is over an artist who writes sympathetically about convicted criminals visiting the White House, why didn't Fox attack Bono? Bob Dylan?

Noting that Bono wrote a song about Leonard Peltier, convicted of killing FBI agents, Stewart hilariously delivered a "Boo-yah!" that left Bill dazed.

Stewart's humor, however brilliantly timed, was only present briefly in what became a heated and thought-provoking exchange on the subject.

Watch the second half of their exchange below ...

O'Reilly remained steadfast that Common shouldn't have been there. But after hearing Stewart's points, who do you think emerged victorious here?


Stewart cream'ed Oreilly.


O'Reilly got owned. His hypocrisy was laid out there in a way that even Fox viewers couldn't fail to see - except that they won't, because like naughty children or philandering adults, they believe that incessant denial equals being right. Seriously, I was disappointed that O'Reilly made it so easy for Stewart, but I suppose O'Reilly's legendary arrogance led to his lack of preparation.


Not only did Bill lose the debate but he lost after the debate with his interview with Bernie reviewing the debate. First he brought in the race issue saying that somehow Stewart hinted at race being involved. I sure didn't see that, but Bill did not hestitate somehow bringing up the name of James Earl Ray. Bill also mention to Bernie that there were guidelines to the debate. What are you scared of Bill brining in rules to a debate on your show.

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