James Durbin Takes Fans on a Journey

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James Durbin opened and closed American Idol last night.

The aspiring rock star kicked off the final four performance show with a rendition of one of the most popular songs of all-time: Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." He did so with a full band and was showered with praise afterward, with Randy saying: "That was the highest degree of difficulty - and you did it!"

Durbin then waited awhile and took the stage to conclude the evening's performances.

This time, with an assist from mentor Lady GaGa, he went with "Love Potion No. 9," ending up holding the final note for ages while standing in the audience.

"I wasn't sure about that song for you... but you just told me that I was absolutely wrong," Jennifer gushed about a cover you can watch below.

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James made me feel JOY when I listened to him. I won't be watching anymore!


James Durbin BELONGS in the TOP THREE. America is the problem with teeny poppers that aren't old enough to vote, furthermore using AKA names from made-up e-mails or texts, get a real break America and let the Judges do their job, that is why they get PAID for doing their job! Let their be INSULT to INJURY.


I believe that changing the order of the performers for the 2nd song confused voters. Usually the 2nd song is performed in the same order as the 1st, therefore the numbers were different. This is what I believe to be a colossal mistake...how else can you explain it.


American Idol is a Joke. You've lost all credibility with me. James should have won hand down. I won't be tuning in in the future. My miniature Dachshund Pee Wee is lifting his leg as we speak (in other words Piss on you Idol). ^..^


I m done with Idol this year the only good singer James was voted off this week Like so much BS. He was the only one that could really sing. The other 3 could not touch him when it came to entertaining the Peeps. Someone must have got the vote count wrong or this whole show is phony.


All the most talented have been voted off American Idol. Not much more to say. I won't be watching anymore.


James Durbin should have been in the last three left. He gave a perfect performance each time.i am so disappointed i don't think i will watch again. James got all my votes.


AMERICA definately got it wrong. James is much bigger than American Idol anyway, he's probably better off now he can move on to better things!!


Well, James got Pia'd tonight. WTF? He should have been in the finals with Haley. Lauren is just not fully developed yet and Scotty, nice voice that he has, is a one-note pony. Hope Haley wins. She seemed a little stuck upish in the begining, but has really found some humility. Very talented. Would love to see her compete against Lauren in, say 2 more years. Lauren will be amazing then. Sorry to see James go, but he sort of peaked on Carole King week. It really is a neck and neck horse race at this point. Will depend on song choice and each one pacing their momentum up intil the Finale.


Very very sad that that is all the talent left on Idol this year- what a badddd year it turned out to be--- this is awful folks- pale pale imitations of the orignals--- not one of the 4 left could outsing the people who took second the last two years- Crystal and Adam--- put these 4 clowns next to either of them and you quickly see how lame this season turned out to be- and James is one of the lamest (not awful- just mediocre- nothing unique, interesting about his voice and very irritating personality and oversized ego--he's like a kid playing at being a heavy metal rocker- not authentic at all) all my opinion!

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