Jacob Lusk on American Idol Elimination: My Bad...

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I messed up.

So Jacob Lusk says about his final performance on American Idol, a rendition of "No Air" that got the soulful singer eliminated from season 10 this week.

"I take full responsibility for my choices," Lusk tells TV Guide in an elimination interview, opening up about his experience on the show and the cover that resulted in him going home.

Jacob Lusk Goodbye Song

A few more excerpts are below...

On feeling the pressure: I was getting a little tired, probably. And really trying to do different things, do something that really wasn't my thing. This wasn't the time to do that. I didn't really have the greatest performance on Wednesday, and that's why I was sent home.

On conflicting advice: I definitely got some contradictory advice, but at the end of the day, it's up to me to be myself. When you're great, you're great. And nobody can argue with that.

On post-Idol plans: My primary focus is doing an album. I'd like to look into some theater, Broadway. You're gonna hear some traditional R&B, which I feel is missing from the scene. There aren't any Luther Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye singers out there. There's a lot of pop, bubble-gum, but not a lot of R&B. And that's what I bring naturally. I don't have to try to do that.


Its upsetting that James is out. He should be in the final 3. Haley should not be in the final 3. I dont understand why Haley is final 3, Are u sure u read the vote right. Its not fun to watch american idol any more. I hope next week haley will be out. I hope america didnt listen to jenniffer L. About keeping the 2 girls for the two final of american idol.


The chef announced Jacob was elimated before results were given Bring Jacob back


To Marty, aka, the "post" police, HELLO POT, THIS IS THE KETTLE.....YOUR BLACK!
Oh yeah, you're a fine example of someone with a non-judgemental and non-hating attitude. It's amazing how people criticize the very behavior they demonstrate ten-fold. So before you take the spec out of anyone elses eye, I suggest you take the log out of your own. Hypocrite.


Jacob should have been gone long ago. Ifound him nice but annoying and his long held high notes sounded like someone jabbed him with a hot poker. I didn't like his girly-man manner though it hd nothing to do with his talent. So I closed my eyes when he howled to test if I'd buy his CD. The answer is no and if he was on the radio, I'd switch the channel. Lauren is sweet but she goes next because omelet making is her best quality. Scotty is the most talented even if he can't cook but is always "cookin'" on stage!


How could Ryan put Scotty on the spot, he wanted him to choose the side he thought was the saved side. Scotty was great about how he handled it, for Ryan I was very disappointed in him. And for Jacob he is a true gentleman, and a great singer. Lauren, yes is young, but not only can she sing, she is very sweet and is very kind to the other singers. when they had to go home. Scotty also it a gentleman, and was very nice to Lauren last week when she needed a shoulder to lean on. For the other two, they are more concerned about winning, they forget about the others. 65 old grandmother


To the individual who called him a freak I guess your hatred is obvious. he was not wrong when he said America loves me...He did make it to the top 5 which means MILLIONS voted for him over and over again which is amazing considering his highly specialized style of music. So he made a coupleof controversial comments ...and?.. is this not a free society? if anything he said really not true? judging by your comment calling him a freak, it is obvious he was somewhat right....and dude what is with the hatred? dont like him? dont vote for him and shut up and go back to your trailer.


I was sad to see Jacob go but not surprised. His style is too specialized but lovers of R&B, even white ones like myself, loved his performances specially All I need to get by, wow. I and many I know (adults not teenagers, homophobes or racist southerners) will be the first to buy his release. I hope he does a lot more classics soul! his were some of the most magical moments in AI.


Like Pia, Jacob was very gifted vocally, with a huge vocal range and power. I think he tried too hard to 'leave it all on the stage' every week, and lost control of his vocals at times. AND, unfortunately, a lot of people were turned off by his black gospel style (which I happen to love) and external things like his clothing, mannerisms, etc.


Weeks ago: "If I get voted off, it's because America was afraid to look in the mirror." This Week: "America loves me." GET A CLUE, YOU FREAK! You were finally voted off because nobody could bear another week of your Come to Jesus drag show!

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