Ivanka Trump: Pregnant, Posing Like Playboy Bunny

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This pregnant Ivanka Trump Playboy-style shot taken for, of all places, Harper's Bazaar (which also features Britney Spears this month) is a little unusual.

On the one hand, the picture accompanying their Ivanka interview is just strange. Why the Playboy juxtaposition? On the other, however, it's gorgeous.

Pose on top of a building? Check. Flawless hair and makeup? Check. Beautiful smile? Check. Great heels? Check. Perfect baby bump? Adorable check.

Pregnant Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump sure generates a lot of controversy, but here's one thing he created (by some miracle of genetics) that everyone can appreciate.


Ivanka is beautiful, but her get-up is, to borrow her dad's favourite word, terrible. I mean, black fishnet tights? Ugly and cheap, check. Dress that looks like it's ripped at the seam to expose her preggers butt? Strange, check. Cheap, double check.


Oops I mean weird.


Well at least it's not a naked prego pic for once but still kinda wired.


She is beautiful in every shot I see of her.

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