Is Osama Bin Laden REALLY Dead?

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Fallout from the death of Osama bin Laden has dominated news today. Not surprising, as he was one of Earth's most famous people (for better or worse).

Despite hundreds of news reports and President Obama's address, some people have still expressed doubt that the Al Qaeda leader is actually deceased.

There are also many other questions and angles to this story.

Does this change your opinion of Obama? Is it okay to cheer a man dying, no matter how awful he was? Is everyone at Fox News and its affiliates a moron?

You know what that means, readers: It's poll time! Vote below:

Is Osama bin Laden really dead?

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These New York newspaper headlines are  ...

Obama Campaign Poster

Does bin Laden's demise improve your opinion of Obama?

Obama Bin Laden

Think this headline mixup was intentional?


rumour has it that osama bin laden is preparing a tape as we debate lets see what the dead man"" has to say beyond the grave !
how can america take such a risk ?


All this shit is a lie about him being dead if there were some pics to prove that its him thats deam than i think i would belive it. But until there is pics of him showing that he is dead than im not beliving anything till i see for myself that he is DEAD!!!!! And DEAD FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!


why are only 911 victims sympathized? Don't all those dead or maimed civilians in Iraq and other countries that suffered their fate as a result of war deserve our sympathy and honour too? There is always no mention of them in the media or posts.


How come world’s “deadliest terrorist� as dubbed by Americans, did not resist enough and caused the slightest damage to Americans during the “operation�? Where was the DNA performed and how much time it requires to produce result? If Obama and his team were so terrified and held their breaths while the “operation� was going on why did they not opt for drone attack? No concrete evidence shown at all. Why was he not captured alive? Because he would have informed the world that 9/11 was the dirtiest work of Jewish lobby and CIA/FBI etc. If they can pinpoint a single house in a hilly area thousands of miles away, how is it possible that none plans hitting twin towers and Pentagon escaped world’s safest security/surveillance network? The truth will be revealed on the day of judgment.


Al, I totally agree; I agree with most of these posts. One thing for sure, if it went down the way they say it did, then why didn't we get Osama "alive" and drag his ass to ground zero and hang him there? Tell me that wouldn't have been justice! They were so determined to show us pictures, videos, etc... with Saddam, and now we allegedly have a dead Osama, no photos, no military speaking, no videos, etc... Unreal! Oh yeah, today I saw them interviewing people from Pakistan and they all said that they had no idea that Bin Laden was there this whole time. How convenient! I still can't believe that people are falling for this. All I hear on the news right now is how wonderful Obama is. I should write a book called, "The perfect plan". Obama scored again!


he may or may not be dead. Who knows!? There are tons of things that our government covers up on a daily basis. Things that none of us will ever know about. Think about it if he was killed instead of being captured it was for one or 2 simple reasons. He's really not the worlds most powerful terrorist anymore, most hated yes, powerful no. The guy has basically been dying for years and I'm sure his power had been handed down to his #2 years ago. He's just a face that we all still love to hate because they haven't really given us anyone else to hate as much yet. And reason #2, if we kept him, there would have to be records of what happened and what he said. Maybe there was too much information that he would have released that just couldn't have been released in the end. Remember if we knew what those in the cia and fbi knew people would freak out. Some things are better left unknown.


Americans sure didn t think twise about showing Sadam Hussein s hanging!!!!So what the so different about this one....


Stupid cunts all look the same to me, so I haven't a clue.... But I am pretty sure that the U.S., sensationalist as they are, with all due respect, would not have held back on showing the body 'for reasons of ..."sensitivity"...?'!! Give me a break! I'll never forget walking into the corner shop the day after Saddam's hanging, and seeing the unwelcome sight on the daily paper's front page, of the bugger stepping into the gallows, noose around the neck.... As big a bastard as he was, the sight still freaked me out.... (When they announce before a tv program: 'not suitable for sensitive viewers', I am one of those catching the hint and changing channels). Seems they've all become respectful and 'sensitive' now suddenly...?... REALLY!! Wake up people, FFS's!!!!


The most likely conspiracy theory is that Bin L is long dead, Obama needed to kill him OFFICIALLY, to turn the page and get re-elected.
No idea who they threw in the sea...
Any way, he'll get to Hollywood!


They probably cant show photos cuz its all LIES!!!!!!!!!! LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES!!!!! IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN ITS PROBABLY... NOT TRUE... SHOW US SOME EVIDENCE YOU LIARS THIS IS NOTHING TO LIE ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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