Is Osama Bin Laden REALLY Dead?

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Fallout from the death of Osama bin Laden has dominated news today. Not surprising, as he was one of Earth's most famous people (for better or worse).

Despite hundreds of news reports and President Obama's address, some people have still expressed doubt that the Al Qaeda leader is actually deceased.

There are also many other questions and angles to this story.

Does this change your opinion of Obama? Is it okay to cheer a man dying, no matter how awful he was? Is everyone at Fox News and its affiliates a moron?

You know what that means, readers: It's poll time! Vote below:

Is Osama bin Laden really dead?

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These New York newspaper headlines are  ...

Obama Campaign Poster

Does bin Laden's demise improve your opinion of Obama?

Obama Bin Laden

Think this headline mixup was intentional?


I'm supposed to believe 80 armed and highly trained men, meeting no resistance and wearing high tech body armour, shot Bin Laden because they "thought" he was reaching for a small caliber weapon? I knew seals in the Navy; they are way better than that! He's alive in a CIA prison offshore singing like a canary. The President needs denialbility. After all, how bad would it look for this administration to be caught enngaging in water boarding? Once the CIA has what they need from him, he will be dead. For now, I have no doubt he is alive. Pictures? If Hollywood can make someone look dead, I'm sure the CIA can too.


Sounds like we have some haters in these debate,why does a man have to approve so much to American citizens. You got to give it to Obama for trying his best for America, all the negative talk about him seems to be very unfair. I hope its not about the color of the skin, but its about what he has created. And for Osama "death" its kind of hard to debate is he dead or is he captured. They don't want to release the picture. So either why, we all got to leave this earth someday.


Prove that you are not dead or alive


You are the president of the USA and your administration captured Bin Laden. What would you say to the whole world about the most wanted man in recorded history? Will you say he died? Would you say he is in custody? if it was me I would have said he is dead as well even though I have his a$$ at gitmo torturing the f**k out of him. I would never tell the world he got captured and in US custody. The whole world would come looking for him. They made a good call. Nobody gave a rats ass about Sadam Hussein


I want good evidence Sadam Hussein is really dead


i want goog evidence if osama real dead


AS Do I also believe that our "President" is one we need to keep an eye on... What has happened to this country we elect a clueless nobody into office with no proof of being a american citizen...We as amircan people should be beatin our own asses for electin that son of a B*tch into office...


I do NOT believe he is dead, we as AMERICANS have the right to a picture proving the fact, considering due to him many American people lost there lives as did familys losing loved ones. If you loose a family memeber due to a murder you want to see that person get convicted, as do we the AMERICANS want to see proof of that DEVIL DEAD!!!! We have heard this numerous times with out proof so what makes this time any different. I do believe however the "President" is up for re election and he needs something to boost his numbers considering he has done nothing but run this country more down the drain then it already was... WE WANT PROOF


ok i completely believe that he is dead. id ont need a picture for it to be proven. come on people if we release photos of him shot in the head with blood all over him then we would look like the uncivilized people. the reason we released the photos before is because it wasnt nearly as gory, there was no blood on the other one, also there was a different president at the time. Another reason is that i dont believe the US government would put Americans at risk by making up a lie, also there is the burned down helicopter that the SEALS had to leave behind still at the compound. come on people, stop making up stupid conspiracy theories. All the 9/11 victims family members are happy that they finally got closure. stop trying to reopen what has just been closed. if it is a lie i expect Osama to come out with a video like he has done in the past. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!


I think this whole thing stinks and Bin Laden is still alive. This was a ploy for obama to get in the good graces of the people. Well there is no proof he's dead and Bin Laden has been avoiding the FBI most wanted for ten long years! People come on he is not that stupid and for them to bury him so fast its just too suspicous for me. I still will never vote for obama I think he's sneaky and will do and say anything to stay elected. This will blow up in your face and then you will have to pay the price. I hope this was worth it obama, because Bin Laden will make a fool out of you!

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