Is Osama Bin Laden REALLY Dead?

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Fallout from the death of Osama bin Laden has dominated news today. Not surprising, as he was one of Earth's most famous people (for better or worse).

Despite hundreds of news reports and President Obama's address, some people have still expressed doubt that the Al Qaeda leader is actually deceased.

There are also many other questions and angles to this story.

Does this change your opinion of Obama? Is it okay to cheer a man dying, no matter how awful he was? Is everyone at Fox News and its affiliates a moron?

You know what that means, readers: It's poll time! Vote below:

Is Osama bin Laden really dead?

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These New York newspaper headlines are  ...

Obama Campaign Poster

Does bin Laden's demise improve your opinion of Obama?

Obama Bin Laden

Think this headline mixup was intentional?


this debate is dead itself.. there never was a real osama bin laden.. it's a fake personality the U.S goverment uses/used to enable them to do whatever it is they wanted to do.. He is no more real than superman is.. Now start rethinking everything


obama is osama i dont care what ANYONE says !


There is no way that Osama bin Laden is dead, no way. Everyone else they have killed they paste their pictures all over the airwaves and internet, this guy, nothing. It was a lie to try to make Obama look better (nothing will make that guy look better,) they gave bin Laden a free ticket to Mexico or something. All the government knows how to do is LIE LIE LIE


so i guess thst means hes alive


I hate Osaka bin lade and I'm only 11


when he bomb America,we had video clips in the market about.Now that we head news about his dead,why can't the world even see a video clip as the case of saddam Hussein


While the pictures may be gruesome who cares? Just give an announcement which interrupts all tv programs telling us when they will be showing it and those who don't want to see can turn the tv off. seriously..."too much blood, brains, gore" is the poorest excuse I have ever heard. Not that I want to revel in his demise but I must say I do require proof.




If I were the CIA, of course I would choose to take an alive prisoner. It should be a child's game for them to fake a killing. Actually, it's hard do believe that a so well-chosen elite group of soldiers will act in such a simple way, killing a defenseless man in cold blood in front of movie cameras, before all the bosses' eyes, who would sit there watching just like that...? Besides, liking Obama or not, do you think he and all of his big-brained assistants would allow and cheer such a coarse operation...?


You know it sometimes needs wisdom to lie!! Telling the world that osama is dead just by showing the pictures wrapped by blood it doesnt make sense!! Just think about the thirsty of USA to caught bin laden! How comes now you kill and burry him so secrete like that!! USA must cocretely shows the evidences of osama's death!

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