Hines Ward Handcuffed at Gunpoint, Released By Cops After "Misunderstanding"

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Pittsburgh Steelers star and Dancing With the Stars frontrunner Hines Ward was in a car that was pulled over by police early this morning in Los Angeles.

Police drew their weapons and handcuffed Ward and the woman was driving driving around 2 a.m., based on reports that the Civic they were in was stolen.

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The woman explained that she had reported the car stolen after an incident involving a valet, then forgot to tell the police when later she got the car back.

Officers verified her story and Ward was released. He writes:

Hines and Kym Johnson cut a rug on Dancing With the Stars.

"The incident in the news that involved me getting pulled over. I want everyone to know that this was a complete misunderstanding. The police were just doing their job. Apologies were made and it's now in the past. Moving forward... Hines"

Good to hear. On an unrelated note, think he can win DWTS?


Ward's situation: I only hope this was an accident and not another jealous act. Celebrities can, unfortunately, experience much of it from just about anyone these days for different reasons. Ward and his partner dance good (7.9) but lack hip (very important) movement. Maksim's partner does about a 7.5 score because she gets the steps but appears a little clumsy, very unpolish, without smoothness, and she could wear more under-eye makeup, a smoother facial foundation and better lipstick color.


Typical douchebag cops...


He's such a crummy dancer, it's criminal!


Saxs www@yahoo


On the other hand, who was the mystery woman he was driving with....could it be Kim? They have really good chemistry on set, wonder if its spilling over into their own lives. :)


Of course he will!


Yes he WILL win! He is the best by far.

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