Haley Reinhart Speaks on Elimination, Harsh Critiques

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Haley Reinhart was eliminated from American Idol last night.

To many, though, it was shocking that this singer even made it as far as the final three. Even she admitted, in a post-episode interview with journalists, that she struggled early on.

"I think I took a lot of risks in the beginning early on, when usually you do the opposite. Maybe America didn't know how to take me. I started getting into my own little niche, the rock bluesy sultry feel, throughout and I think America finally started to catch on and they kept me around!"

Haley Reinhart Says Farewell

The judges continued to be harsh on Haley, however. But it sounds like she understands why.

"I believe their intentions for it throughout this whole process was simply to push me along further. It was apparent they wanted to get me at the top of my game and get me a little fired up inside so that I come out with something they really didn't expect... Most of the time that was fire. I would get angry, I would get aggravated and I would get it out on stage.

How did it feel when Ryan Seacrest said her name? Says Reinhart:

"You literally have seconds to think about it, so I took a second to think about it and then I said, 'Alright, alright' and I just kept saying it. And guess what, I have to sing a song in about five seconds. I wanted to have a good time with it and show America why they kept me there so long, give 'em a good show. I got offstage and I was at peace with everything, but I had the moment where I realized how much I was going to miss everybody.

"Everybody is such a great big family, that's one of the most wonderful parts of this whole experience. To create bonds with everybody. I knew I'd miss them... All in all, I accepted it very quickly and took it all with a grain of salt and said, 'Hey, everything happens for a reason and this is a good thing.' This happened for a reason and it means I'm going to start my career as a solo artist even sooner."

We wish her the very best of luck with it.


Some great posts on who is being listened to and who is not. Also, some great posts on respecting each other and respecting these young people who are just beginning their careers. Too many people seem to feel you have to put down any person or idea that you don't agree with. Everyone one I saw on A.I. was very talented. I hate to think how I would have handled being judged in public every week and then voted off! I most likely would not had handled it nearly as well as Haley or others.


No Im very glad haley got voted off !!! I really dont understand how she made it that far!! James was MUCH better than her!!! Her attitude was her BIGGEST PROBLEM!!!! Glad shes gone!!!:)


Haley is horrible, we are all so pleased to have her be gone once and for all. This is realy a singing contest, not a screeching, whining, yelling contest. Ugh, so glad she is gone.....Let's leave the show to the last 2 real singers.


I am still angry at the results of last week and deleted Idol from my DVR. I hear Haley may sing tomorrow as a guest but am not sure if this is true. I wish it was so I can hear her sing one more time. I hope her singing gets noticed really soon so we can start hearing her everywhere.


I love Haley R. The judges were so bias to her near perfect performances. I think its a good thing that she stood up to the two clowns JLO and Randy and defended her craft. JLO all I have to say to you is thank God for Auto Tune. LOL. The "judges" are only there to promote themselves. They are all just a bunch of has beens. I love Steven Tyler for the content (jokes) he adds to the show but he's not the greatest judge.


So many haters in the world today. Give these kids a break, whether you're a fan or not, there's no need to spew forth your negative insults. If you've got nothing good to say, then bugger off. I for one enjoyed Haley's performances, just as I've enjoyed everyone else's performances. They've each had their moments and have given us, the plebs with bums in seats, the very best of their efforts. Congratulations to all of them. Great season this year!


i love listening to haley's songs when i am angry, when i wanted to scream, coz that's how she sounds like!i love listening to scotty when i just wanted to relax!and whenever i listen to lauren, it amazed me, wish i have a voice like hers!


fred, it's so obvious that you're haley's no. 1 fan!add those numbers and then multiply it hundred million times, that's scotty's and lauren's fans!how about that?!haha!dont just rely on those numbers!im not an american and have never voted for my favorites..im an asian fan of AI and all season's winners are my favorites!america just voted right for scotty and lauren, as they always do!


It is funny that people either love or hate Haley. That is a sign that she will have a successful music career. And most of the people that don't like her, don't like her for reasons that have nothing to do with her singing.. JLO and Randy are morons. Jlo was clearly jealous of Haley.


i think the public is right on time with lauren and scotty haley already has an ego bigger than her voice . just watch, she won't listen to good , sound advice from her superiors,and that will be her downfall, not her voice -

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