Haley Reinhart Has a Moment on American Idol

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Haley Reinhart had a moment on American Idol last night.

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    This is absolutely hilarious to read. People saying they are not ever going to watch Idol again because Haley is there and James is not! A BIG FAT LOL. Reality tells otherwise: Ratings went up 0.5 million more viewers when screechy James was voted off. And guess what? When Haley was voted off, the show lost 3 million viewers, for the suckfest finale, least watched episode of the season. Oh God, only Haley can cause such strong reactions towards her, despite giving the best performance of the show in its entire run with House of The Rising Sun. To say she isn't talented after that and "I Who have Nothing", that's just too much polarizing, but I guess that's just exactly what an artist needs. Haley Reinhart, one of the best things that ever happen to American idol, its idiot viewers couldn't handle such brilliance. And that's why she receives so much love and so much hate. But hey, such raw, rare and undescribable talent won't go to waste, this is just the beginning ;)


    So many upset teenyboppers on this thread.

    Yeah, James has a great voice and great range.

    He doesn't have great control.

    See, thing is, as a professional performer you're supposed to be able to hit and hold the right notes at the right time.

    Like Haley.

    See the headline of the Houston Chronicle review of the Idols tour:

    "American Idols Live concert showcases the power of the voice as Haley Reinhart steals the show"

    and the reviewer's remarks:

    "...this skeptic isn’t ashamed to call out the show stealer: Reinhart. The consummate performer delivered a killer set, comprised of a scintillating, pitch-perfect reprise of 'House of the Rising Sun' by The Animals and an infectious, soaring 'Bennie and the Jets'


    Talent, voice, personality, style, versatility and not afraid of challenges .... Is called Haley!!


    The very sucessful and talented judge Steve Tyler dissagreed with the other judges! I'm with Steven Haley was great!


    i don't like haley..maybe because of her attitude..i agree that she has a good voice..sometimes she sounds like casey(like in her earth song version), and i like casey..but i can't like haley..i love scotty and lauren making it to the final!


    I just don't care for Haley's voice at all. I don't like anything about it. That is just my opinion.


    Wow. For me, dog, Haley is the most interesting performer. She's not in a genre-rut and can sing any style WELL. This isn't country idol - its American Idol.


    Haley is amazing. She was studying jazz piano and performing with a college jazz band before coming on Idol and it shows in her amazing range and composition she puts into every song. A lot of the AI audience just isn't used to this kind of talent, and as is the case with a lot of "different" talent, want to bash her because of that difference. In another era, they call that prejudice.


    The only reason why haley is still there is because the people who love her voted it more and wanted to fight the judges that were given her deserved criticisms. I think its very pittfull that haley was rewarded with another chance at top when james is not and he is ten times the performer she is. Im wondering now the capacity of the people to vote with intelligence...


    I am not a Haley fan just to make things straight.. Basing on your reactions guys, i think it'd be better to think first before posting such comments. Question 1: why is Haley still there singing if she's not good? Question 2: Can you sing? Question 3: How broad is your knowledge in music?

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