Haley Reinhart Goes Gaga on American Idol

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Haley Reinhart has never been regarded as a serious contender, but she's made it all the way to the top five, and served notice last night that she's no fluke.

With a great effort on "House of the Rising Sun," then a go-for-broke cover of an unreleased Lady Gaga track, Haley proved she belongs on American Idol.

"House of the Rising Sun" was clearly right in Haley's wheelhouse, and was head and shoulders above anyone else's old school covers last night. Watch:

As for Lady Gaga's "You and I," which Gaga does at her shows, and which required Haley getting permission directly from Gaga, it was a risky call.

While the judges weren't all moved by the song itself, it's perfectly suited to her style and her distinctive sound, and she took it to the house!

It's the kind of performance that makes Haley Reinhart stand out and really make her mark as a contender. Watch it here and see if you agree:

Who was the best on American Idol this week?


Haley is fabulous. She turns music into an addictive substance! She brings music back to life! The more I see her, the more I like her. I am really coming to admire her integrity and idealism.


She deserves to win.. but I think she is not going to win because of all the teenagers girls that keep voting for James and Scotty... Haley has a wonderful voice, is different, something new, her style is awesome, I actually can see which kind of direction she will take in music~ In my opinion both Scotty and Lauren are overrated, Scotty is good... but if he win will be because of all those girls that vote for him because they think he is "cute". Lauren has a great voice... but she has been "ok" for me... She can do way better... I can see her winning, but only because of her image... she has a "Kelly+Carrie" image, but only for that, besides that... she hasn't been that good for winning... James is really good too, most of his performances were awesome, and he deserves to be in the finals... James+Haley=Top2


She is awesome! She has an awesome voice and she and James have to be in the Top 2! Both of her performances were awesome!


Haley is awesome, she has a cool and different voice, she has soul, and in my opinion she killed it in her two performances! She and James are the best


Haley needs to go home. She is so impressed with herself and thinks she is "all that" it just drives me crazy. She will DEFINITELY NOT win and it's too bad she has so many people she can find to vote for her. James and Scotty are awesome and it's going to be a tough call to see which one will actually win the whole thing. With the medical problems James has, he has done an absolutely amazing job. Autistism and Tourett's are not easy to live with and he still rocks the house each and every time. His song last night brought everyone to tears. He really misses his wife and child and you can see how much he loves and misses them when they aren't there. Lauren is adorable and she just needs to get more confidence in herself. She is a beautiful young gal and has an amazing voice. I wish her well in her future endeavors.


The thing Haley does with her arm when she sings drives me nuts, it's her only move. She might have done great on her 2nd song but James killed it with both songs.

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