Haley Reinhart: Falling to the Finals?

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You Oughta Know, American Idol fans: Haley Reinhart is in it to win it!

The talented crooner took to the stage three times last night, covering songs made famous by Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac and Alanis Morissette.

While the results were mixed (we loved "What Is and What Should Never Be," but Haley struggled during the verses on Morissette's revenge-based classic), there's no doubt that Reinhart stood out from Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. That's what happens when you actually fall during a performance when your dad plays guitar for you on stage.

Check out one of Haley's renditions above and two more below. Think we'll be seeing her in the finals?


Haley deserves and should win this competition! She is IT! An amazingly talented and gifted vocalist and performer. 'nuf said.


J-Lo needs to quit wetting herself when Scotty sings. Please, he is a 17 year old kid. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can't understand why people are diggin' Scotty. He is bland, cocky, and has a 2 octave range limit which was strained beyond belief last night. 2 of his 3 songs were so off key the neighbors' dog was howling. In a word: BORING. Haley on the other hand - always changes outfits, puts all of her effort into every performance and hey, you never know what you are going to get with her - but you know it's gonna be good. She really is coming into her own at just the right time. How precious to perform a Zeppelin song with her dad! Poor Lauren - love her, but truly she is too young. Down the road, she may outsell both of the other 2 combined, but she is not ready yet. She's a high school sophomore for crying out loud. Go Haley!


If James was there, there would be no mistake who would win American Idol. Now we have Scotty, country, and boring. Haley, ok, sings good, to stuck up. Then Lauren, nice voice, always looks scared. Where is James? he would have walked away with the title.


Yes I believe Haley will go home tonight, it will be between her and Lauren, Scotty was the only one of the three to do an absolutly perfect performance on all 3 songs, he will most likely go on to win the whole thing, but all in all, in my opinion, Lauren made up for her fub with the other two songs, Haley pretty much stayed the same as she was a couple of weeks ago, she hasn't changed or gotten better over the last 2 weeks like she should have, and after last weeks attitude she really turned me off, used to love her voice, now it is getting screechie, just my humble opinion.


Haley is the best. I picked her when she tried out. Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez have had it out for her since day 1. Only Steven Tyler appreciates her voice. The judges always pick on her for not selecting good songs. They picked the her song last night and "dawged" her saying she did not sing it right. Of course, the songs they picked for the other two were extremely easy to sing - yawn!!!!!!! Randy Jackson is just a 5 second musician with Journey. Anyone remember when he played with them? Jennifer is a Beyonce wannabe. She may be beautiful, but her voice, songs and videos are boring and nothing new. Lauren is another sound the same country singer - yawn!!!!!!!! Scotty is the good little boy America loves to vote for. He sounds like all the other country singers - yawn!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so sad James Durbin is gone. He and Haley should have battled it out for the win. Go Haley, you had Lady Gaga rooting for you!!!!!!!!!!


That is YOUR opinion!! Hailey is one of the best singers that was on idol this yr. About bored to death with the country stuff! Lauren is not ready yet, and since I am not a country fan Scotty is boring to me, but can sing yes!! They all three CAN sing! But BREBRE since you know so much, lets hear you sing, because what you said is mean, and shows YOU are the one that needs help!!



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