Haley Reinhart: Falling to the Finals?

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You Oughta Know, American Idol fans: Haley Reinhart is in it to win it!

The talented crooner took to the stage three times last night, covering songs made famous by Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac and Alanis Morissette.

While the results were mixed (we loved "What Is and What Should Never Be," but Haley struggled during the verses on Morissette's revenge-based classic), there's no doubt that Reinhart stood out from Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. That's what happens when you actually fall during a performance when your dad plays guitar for you on stage.

Check out one of Haley's renditions above and two more below. Think we'll be seeing her in the finals?

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"She just sucks...Now she's going to release an album." That's right. Because people in the music industry with decades of experience believe she has talent. You, on the other hand, are clearly a bitch and have nothing of redeeming value to offer the world.


BREBRE, ALL CAPS? You're the one who needs to stop screaming. You're not only showing your ignorance, you're shouting it to the world.


So glad this snotty bitch was voted off. It would have been better though if she didn't make the top 24 at all. She just sucks, period. Sucky suck suck suck Reinhart. Now she's going to release an album that will tank. Hahaha! I can't wait for it to come out so it can flop. I want to make fun of it already.


Haley was the best and should've won, that said... BREBRE, I can't understand a word you were trying to say, you should proof read it and maybe re-post it so we know what you're trying to say. JUST SAYING!


i am so happy that Lauren and Scotty made it!!!i love to hear Haley is going home already!bwahahaha!i don't really like her..they all have great voices..but i think America love great voice with amazing personality too..Haley (and her fans) just thought she's the best and never accepted criticisms, that made her not deserving to win!i love Lauren and Scotty just doing their best and humbly embracing everything people are throwing to them, whether critics or praises, that made them deserving to be the final 2!


I Wish people would lying to Haley!!!!!!!!!!!!! Telling her she can sing!!!!!!!!!! Well she cant sing all she do is scream@ fhat not singjng@ Judges need to her the truth@ Stop being to so soft on her@ trll her truth it dont matter when she get mad!!!!!!!!!!!! Judges her the truth that why Haley still their Judges not tellimg het truth!!!!!! Haley go home@ get singing lesson stop sceaming!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love u Hailey ur amazing. And for all the haters u need to get a life haha. Plus I am not relly into country. I wish James was still in he was so much better then Lauren thats my opinion. It's going to be boring if it's just two country singers competing. I proubly wont watch if that happens boring plus other people will stop watching if their not into country too.


haley is great and i hope her and scotty are in the final 2 do the dang thing girl u got this ur beautiful and have an amazing voice


Idol is becoming Nashville Star Jr.


Haley is awesome....I dont care what some people have to say...They are all good but Haley stands out...love her or hate her.. I hope she wins..... I was at work when my man told me to get on the phone and vote her her so i did like 90 times.....GO Haley and shake them Haters!!!!