Glenn Beck on Meghan McCain PSA: BARF!

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Safe to say Meghan McCain is not Glenn Beck's type.

The Fox News host mocked her recent skin cancer PSA for the Style network and even pretended to vomit when her name was mentioned. Classy.

Sen. John McCain's daughter, alongside other stars, appear in the spot in various forms of nudity. The point is that we're naked without sunscreen.

Beck was unmoved, feigning the urge to hurl.

He sarcastically said he was feeling ill from too much of a good thing or maybe he was trying "to imagine John McCain naked with long blonde hair."

"When I look at that, I think to myself, I get the point, put some clothes on," griped Beck, who suggested she wear a burka to "be extra safe."

Meghan McCain hit back, deriding Beck as "pathetic and extremely desperate for publicity." Her mom, Cindy McCain, also called out Beck on Twitter.

"I'm so glad Glenn Beck is leaving Fox," wrote Cindy, a skin cancer survivor (as is John McCain). "Enough vitriol and hate. Glenn you are no rodeo clown."

Seriously. Never mind that she's not really naked or that she's actually promoting an important cause, right Glenn? Come on dude. This is too much:

Whose side are you on?


All of the McCains have the same effect on me that all of the Palins do,they make me want to hurl.


Glenn Beck is an Asshole and thats simple as that.


Hey randyjacksonsbutt - did you pick today to come out? It's a known fact that Glenn's gay so all naked women make him gag. You feel that way too? Is that why it's so "hi-lar-ious"? Is Glenn your type? Extra white, jiggly with that lovely unbathed blubber essence? Ah yes, many girlie men like you get hot for dough boys like Glenn. Maybe if you're lucky Becky will do a nude PSA!


Glenn Beck was out of line and not a bit funny. He's a strange guy.....I find I can dislike him even when I agree with everything he's saying, which is often. I think he's got some deep issues, I won't miss him on FOX.

Heather lindsay

Seeing as though skin cancer affects millions every year, and Meghan was willing to do a PSA, I say kudos. It takes guts and passion to do something like that for your cause.


I've never been a Glenn Beck fan until now. That was hi-lar-ious! PS - Meghan McCain is an idiot no matter how much she weighs.


I think Meghan is beautiful. Glad Glenn is going. He's a lost cause. I can gag while looking at him..


Glenn i thought something like this was below you, for a min. i thought i was watching that idiot Howard Stern, come on Glenn, i have listened to you for a few years now and i just can not believe you acted so dang childish... move over howard, glenns coming to take your place! :( sad sad day.


Glenn Beck is an IDIOT from the word GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Po' chil'. She got her momma's stringy hair.

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