Glenn Beck on Meghan McCain PSA: BARF!

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Safe to say Meghan McCain is not Glenn Beck's type.

The Fox News host mocked her recent skin cancer PSA for the Style network and even pretended to vomit when her name was mentioned. Classy.

Sen. John McCain's daughter, alongside other stars, appear in the spot in various forms of nudity. The point is that we're naked without sunscreen.

Beck was unmoved, feigning the urge to hurl.

He sarcastically said he was feeling ill from too much of a good thing or maybe he was trying "to imagine John McCain naked with long blonde hair."

"When I look at that, I think to myself, I get the point, put some clothes on," griped Beck, who suggested she wear a burka to "be extra safe."

Meghan McCain hit back, deriding Beck as "pathetic and extremely desperate for publicity." Her mom, Cindy McCain, also called out Beck on Twitter.

"I'm so glad Glenn Beck is leaving Fox," wrote Cindy, a skin cancer survivor (as is John McCain). "Enough vitriol and hate. Glenn you are no rodeo clown."

Seriously. Never mind that she's not really naked or that she's actually promoting an important cause, right Glenn? Come on dude. This is too much:

Whose side are you on?


I'm not a Beck fan, but I am a reality fan. (And no, I'm not talking about "reality" shows.) Beck is desperate for attention? The guy who can draw hundreds of thousands of people to a rally in DC needs attention? And Bimbo McCain, a media ho if there ever was one, the little dunce who's never accomplished anything besides being born to a famous guy, the braniac who crammed her b00bs into a pushup bra on twitter and then pretended to be offended when people talk about her b00bs, the twit who claims to be a republican yet spends her time scolding republicans for not acting more like democrats, this spoiled little princess who aspires to be the next Paris Hilton is critical of someone who at least built his own career on commentary.
Go ahead and do your psa. Let's just stop pretending you're anyone important, okay sweetie? Makes me want to barf too.


Glenn Beck is full of himself--he is much like Rush Limbaugh. Sarah Palin is the puppet of these two and whatever they say one day, she parrots back the next day. Greta from FOX usually interviews Sarah and Bristol--her only job is to ask them softball questions, give them the questions in advance and then correct them and answer for them if they get carried away with the wrong answer. Greta's husband (John Coale) is an attorney and has set up her PAC and filed a lot of the legal papers for her that enable Palin to get money without paying taxes. It is rumored that Sarah and Greta are "especially close" friends.


Who is this Glen arsehole? Is he supposed to be somebody important?


His show is part comedy. He wasn't making fun of skin cancer or belittling the cause. He dislikes Meghan's political views and so picks on her sometimes. Personally I think the PSA is dumb... Using sexually suggestive material for a good cause is pathetic.


WHAT is UP with these REPUBLICANS come ON !!!! Glenn PLEASE GROW UP


Glenn Beck is the biggest idiot on the face of the earth! It's really sad to see a grown man acting this way. It just goes to show that he has no compassion for anyone & doesn't deserve anymore attention from the rest of the world. Maybe he'll get skin cancer one day & we'll see how funny he thinks it is then. Karma can be a real bitch, Glenn....


glenn beck is a total twat..... yay!! lets rag on a woman trying to bring awareness about skin cancer to the general public!!! what a pig he is.....


Beck makes me want to vomit on general principles. Naturally he would dislike McCain, who is one of the more sensible Republicans out there these days. One of the two or three on the national scene, maybe...


I understand it was for a good cause. That said, Glenn is pretty funny sometimes. This time, he was funny like a little kid is funny. Not very grown up but it made me chuckle anyways. Personally, I think Brandi is kinda mutly. Aww shoot.. I am trolling! I am done now.


im really not a huge Glenn Beck first instinct was to be mad but i din't want to judge the book without reading it first...i read half of it or whut...he's picking on John McCains daughter for being a trollup...if its all THAT bad being a trollup then do stuff like that.

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