Glenn Beck Launches ... Groupon Clone!

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Creating a Groupon competitor seems like a strange move for a fiery TV and radio commentator, but Fox News' Glenn Beck is nothing if not strange.

The conservative may still have a few months before he leaves his talk show, but he’s already prepping for his next venture: a daily deals website.

Mercury Radio Arts, the production company that Glenn Beck controls, has officially launched MarkDown (dot) com. It's almost identical to Groupon.

Beck Markdown

Like hundreds of other companies, MarkDown provides a daily deal if enough peeps purchase it within a specified time. Its first deal is $20 worth of chocolate from the notoriously shady Chocolate (dot) com for $10.

Markdown also boasts a referral system. If a user refers a friend to the site and that friend buys something, the user gets a 10 percent discount on the discount!

Markdown is the place where I will be able to connect you directly with the products and retailers that I love,” Beck said on his website. “Best of all, Markdown is a place where my personal slogan and values will be brought to life.”

Beck intends to use his name and reputation to kickstart Markdown's growth.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Beck intends to plug Markdown across his empire, including his radio show, newsletter and website TheBlaze (dot) com.

Beck’s controversial Fox News show propelled him into the limelight, but advertisers began abandoning him after he grew increasingly combative.

In addition to calling President Obama a racist and saying the Japanese earthquake was a message from God, he's called out Glee and Meghan McCain's PSA.

That's just in the last few months, too!

What do you think of Beck’s Groupon clone? Will his loyal fan base follow wherever he leads? Will it just get lost in the shuffle like so many others?

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