Gigi Goyette Describes Arnold Schwarzenegger as "Physical," "Sexual"

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Arnold Schwarzenegger holds a special place in the heart and groin of Gigi Goyette.

In an interview with Extra, the alleged mistress says she first met the ex-Governor when she was 16; they reunited a decade later when Goyette worked at a fitness convention in Ohio. An affair soon broke out, as Goyette and Schwarzenegger started doing it at the same hotel where Maria Shriver was staying with the latter's three children.

"It's pretty much the first time I had sex with anybody in my life," Gigi says of the bodily fluid exchange.

How would Goyette describe the disgraced politician?

"He has this overpowering way with women that you get weak... Arnold is a very physical and sexual man, with a voracious appetite that likes a lot of physical attention."

She also issued an apology to Shriver, which ought to be accepted on the spot.

After all, who can't forgive someone who sleeps with her husband and then opens up about it on an entertainment news program?

Jennifer miller

What is the point of her telling the world what she did with Arnold? She doesn't have any kids by him.


@ pak31:
A few weeks ago I listed you and spirit114 as 2 of my 4 favorite writers of opinions and comments on THG site. Thanks for reading my comments, but I absolutely look forward to reading yours!!


I believe I read she was a child actress on Little House on the Prairie... does anyone know which character? Just curious.


TMI BITCH!! Have some fucking dignity and shut up!! You just want attention. LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!!
LOL Leo Sperminator~good one!


Leo she is motivated by the all mighty dollar and nothing else. Chances are she would've taken it to the grave had this love child not came to be


Leo I totally agree. Why does this woman or any other woman in any other "scandal" all of a sudden feel the need to tell the world what they did behind closed doors with someone? What they are mostly doing is making fools out of themselves. What is gained by coming out like this? So you slept with the guy, why do you think anyone wants to know about it? If she was with Arnold when he was married, then she knew it and she should be ashamed not telling the world. She's just as wrong as he is.


"Pretty much the first time I had sex with anyone".... alright which is it whore? First time or not


These women are stupid for putting up with Arnold. Arnold is a ass wipe and I am sorry Maria had to know something. What a good front, but I am glad this happened to Maria. She always thought her pussy was golden, but Arnold liked stinky hispanic pussy. HA HA


Just what we Need, another round of tell-all women. Just what the tell all women Need, a format to express their empty guilt after enjoying themselves with the husband while knowing as a definite fact that he is married. If Nobody knew of Ms. Goyette's liaison
with The Sperminator while it was happening, why does she Need to clear her conscience Now??

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